Journal of Genocide Research 13 (2011), 4

Journal of Genocide Research 13 (2011), 4.
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East Pakistan War, 1971

A. Dirk Moses (EUI Florenz/Sydney) in Verbindung mit Cathie Carmichael (East Anglia, Norwich), Simone Gigliotti (Victoria, Wellington), Jens Meierhenrich (LSE, London) Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, London).
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New York 2011: Routledge
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A. Dirk Moses (Sydney) in Verbindung mit Mohamed Adhikari (Capetown), Cathie Carmichael (East Anglia, Norwich), Jens Meierhenrich (LSE, London) Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, London).
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Wir stellen die aktuelle Nummer des Journal of Genocide Research vor: ein Sonderheft zum „East Pakistan War, 1971“.

Table of Contents

A. Dirk Moses
pages 391-392

The question of genocide and the quest for justice in the 1971 war
Sarmila Bose
pages 393-419

British perceptions of the East Pakistan Crisis 1971: ‘hideous atrocities on both sides’?
Angela Debnath
pages 421-450

In the national interest? Canada and the East Pakistan crisis of 1971
Richard Pilkington
pages 451-474

Insāniyat for peace: survivor's narrative of the 1971 war of Bangladesh
Yasmin Saikia
pages 475-501

Justice after decades in Bangladesh: national trials for international crimes
Morten Bergsmo and Elisa Novic
pages 503-510

Book reviews:
Changing Homelands: Hindu Politics and the Partition of India
Uditi Sen
pages 511-515

Genocide and the Europeans
Mark Swatek-Evenstein
pages 516-518

No Enchanted Palace: The End of Empire and the Ideological Origins of the United Nations
Mark Levene
pages 519-522

Hitler's Generals on Trial: The Last War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg
Daniel Segesser
pages 523-525

The Warsaw Ghetto: A Guide to the Perished City
Dan Stone
pages 526-527

Antisemitism: A History
Michael Berenbaum
pages 528-529

Legal Institutions and Collective Memories
Gregory D. Smithers
pages 530-531

Less than human: why we demean, enslave, and exterminate others by David Livingstone Smith
Edwin Hodge
pages 532-534

Human Killing Machines: Systematic Indoctrination in Iran, Nazi Germany, al-Qaeda, and Abu Ghraib
Peter G. Prontzos
pages 535-537

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