The Asian Review of World Histories 1 (2013), 2

The Asian Review of World Histories 1 (2013), 2.

Asian Association of World Historians
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Asian Association of World Historians
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Official Journal of The Asian Association of World Historians // Published by The Institute of World and Global History

Asian Review of World Histories, a peer-reviewed journal, publishes original research articles and book reviews to advance research, teaching, and public discussion on world historical studies in or for the Asian region. It also seek participation of those who identify themselves as ‘global’, ‘world’, ‘transregional’, ‘comparative’, ‘international’, and ‘big’ historians, and all others with interest in ‘connected’ study of the past. The journal also acts as a forum for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary conversations and collaboration of historians with scholars in adjoining disciplines including and with global historical scholars in all parts of the world.


Roxann Prazniak
Tabriz on the Silk Roads:Thirteenth-Century Eurasian Cultural Connections

Kenneth Pomeranz
Teleology, Discontinuity and World History: Periodization and Some Creation Mythis of Modernity

Ravi Arvind Palat
Power Pursuit: Interstate Systems in Asia

Young-Suk Lee
The Iwakura Embassy and British Industrial

Rila Mukherjee
The Indian Ocean: Historians Writing History

Book Reviews

Douglas M. PEERS and Nandini GOOPTU, eds., India and the British Empire, reviewed by L. Michael Ratnapalan

Tirthankar ROY, The East India Company: The World's Most Powerful
Corporation, reviewed by Yukihisa KUMAGAI

Ricardo DUCHESNE, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, reviewed by Geetanjali Srikantan

Tansen SEN and Victor H. MAIR, Traditional China in Asian and World History, reviewed by Hang Lin

The Asian Review of World Histories 1 (2013), 2. in: Connections. A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists, 27.09.2013, <>.
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