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    Rev. by Daniel Allemann, Faculty of History, Cambridge University
    • Pagden, Anthony: The Burdens of Empire. 1539 to the Present, New York 2015
    • Fitzmaurice, Andrew: Sovereignty, Property and Empire, 1500–2000. , Cambridge 2014
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    Rev. by Sabine Rutar, Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS), Regensburg
    • Daskalov, Roumen; Mishkova, Diana (Hrsg.): Entangled Histories of the Balkans. Volume 2: Transfers of Political Ideologies and Institutions, Leiden 2013
    • Daskalov, Roumen; Alexander Vezenkov (Hrsg.): Entangled Histories of the Balkans. Volume 3: Shared Pasts, Disputed Legacies, Leiden 2015
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    Rev. by Annette Weinke, Historisches Institut, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena / Princeton University
    • Rösch, Felix (Hrsg.): Émigré Scholars and the Genesis of International Relations. A European Discipline in America?, Basingstoke 2014
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    Rev. by Victoria Harms, Herder-Institut für historische Ostmitteleuropaforschung, Marburg
    • Mikkonen, Simo; Koivunen, Pia (Hrsg.): Beyond the Divide. Entangled Histories of Cold War Europe, Oxford 2015
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    Rev. by Stefanie S. Senger, Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam
    • Hong, Young-sun: Cold War Germany, the Third World, and the Global Humanitarian Regime. , Cambridge 2015
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    Rev. by Robert Stock, DFG-Forschergruppe "Mediale Teilhabe", Universität Konstanz Email:
    • Cowans, Jon: Empire Films and the Crisis of Colonialism, 1946–1959. , Baltimore 2015
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    Rev. by Claudia Baumann, Global and European Studies Institute, University of Leipzig
    • Werner, Anja: The Transatlantic World of Higher Education. Americans at German Universities, 1776-1914, Oxford 2013
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    Rev. by Jens Adam, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    • Allen, Lori: The Rise and Fall of Human Rights. Cynicism and Politics in Occupied Palestine, Stanford 2013
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    Rev. by Françoise Mayer, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III
    • Brier, Robert (Hrsg.): Entangled Protest. Transnational Approaches to the History of Dissent in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Osnabrück 2013
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    Rev. by Marie Huber, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    • Cameron, Christina; Rössler, Mechtild: Many Voices, One Vision. The Early Years of the World Heritage Convention, Farnham, Surrey 2013
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    Rev. by Martin Rempe, Vanderbilt University
    • Lange, Kerstin: Tango in Paris und Berlin. Eine transnationale Geschichte der Metropolenkultur um 1900, Göttingen 2015
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    Rev. by Lothar Mikos, Filmuniversität Babelsberg "Konrad Wolf", Potsdam
    • Fickers, Andreas; Johnson, Catherine (Hrsg.): Transnational Television History. A Comparative Approach, London 2012
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    Rev. by Brett Aho, University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Adam, Thomas: Intercultural Transfers and the Making of the Modern World, 1800–2000. Sources and Contexts, Basingstoke 2012
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    Rev. by Manuel Schramm, Institut für Europäische Geschichte, Technische Universität Chemnitz
    • Baghdiantz McCabe, Ina: A History of Global Consumption 1500–1800. , London 2015
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    Rev. by Daniel Tödt, Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technische Universität Berlin
    • Balachandran, Gopolan: Globalizing Labour?. Indian Seafarers and World Shipping, c. 1870–1945, New Delhi 2012
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    Rev. by Kathrin Kollmeier, Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam
    • Gatrell, Peter: The Making of the Modern Refugee. , Oxford 2015
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    Rev. by David Möller, Historisches Seminar, Universität Zürich
    • Meyer, Mahlon: Remembering China from Taiwan. Divided Families and Bittersweet Reunions After the Chinese Civil War, Hongkong 2012
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    Rev. by Gabriele Balbi, Institute of Media and Journalism, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
    • Hampf, M. Michaela; Müller-Pohl, Simone (Hrsg.): Global Communication Electric. Business, News and Politics in the World of Telegraphy, Frankfurt am Main 2013
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    Rev. by Lioba Geis, Historisches Institut, Universität zu Köln
    • Gruber, Wolfgang; Köhler, Stephan (Hrsg.): Siziliens Geschichte. Insel zwischen den Welten, Wien 2013
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    Rev. by Laura Elias, Universität Basel
    • Cvetkovski, Roland; Hofmeister, Alexis (Hrsg.): An Empire of Others. Creating Ethnographic Knowledge in Imperial Russia and the USSR, Budapest 2014
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