ENIUGH actively promotes research in world, global, comparative and transnational history by publishing scholarly articles, book reviews, announcements of conferences and workshops as well as shorter interventions in the debate on methods and theoretical approaches.

The main periodicals of the network are COMPARATIV.  Journal for Global History and Comparative Studies - and the e-journal Connections.

COMPARATIV (founded in 1991) serves as an intellectual platform for the formation of an interdisciplinary group of junior and senior scholars who explore world and global history. It focuses on past and present globalizations. Their manifold social, cultural, political and economic aspects are addressed from the perspectives of both change over time and variation over space (their different processes of territorialization and spatiality: regional, national, European and worldwide). Comparative perspectives are taken up, as are studies on cross-cultural entanglements, exchanges and transfer. Comparativ publishes articles in German, English and French.

The electronic complementary of Comparativ is the e-journal Connections which is with its 6000 subscribers one of the most vivid platforms of exchange and announcement of the latest news in the field of area, transnational, transregional, world and global histories, while also addressing entanglements that characterize our present world.