The History, Impact, and Memory of the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War, 1967-70)

The History, Impact, and Memory of the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War, 1967-70)

International Network of Genocide Scholars (INOGS)
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01.05.2013 -
Heerten, Lasse

Special issue of the Journal of Genocide Research (The official journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars [])

Guest editors:
Lasse Heerten (Berlin / Potsdam),
A. Dirk Moses (Florence /Sydney)

In the summer and autumn months of 1968, reports of starvation in the West African secessionist Republic of Biafra transformed the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) into an international media event. Non-state actors mounted transnational protest campaigns and lobbied governments and international organisations to intensify relief efforts for the civilian population. Activists, journalists and politicians also heatedly debated the question whether the Biafrans were threatened by genocide.

Even though the Nigerian Civil War was one of the burning issues in international politics at the time, and despite the widespread accusations of genocide during the conflict, it has not been the subject of sustained research within genocide studies and other fields. The Journal of Genocide Research therefore invites contributions on the history of the civil war from scholars of all disciplines for a thematic special issue edited by Lasse Heerten and Dirk Moses. Research articles on the origins of the conflict in colonial and postcolonial Nigerian history, on governmental or non state third parties, or on the domestic and international effects and memorializations of the war are particularly welcome.

Please send proposals of 200-300 words and a short c.v. to
The deadline for proposals is 15 December 2011, and for submissions 1 May 2013.

All submissions are subjected to the journal¹s regular anonymous peer review process. Instructions for authors can be found at:


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Lasse Heerten (Berlin / Potsdam),

A. Dirk Moses (Florence /Sydney)
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