Journal of Genocide Research 7 (2005), 4

Journal of Genocide Research 7 (2005), 4
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Raphael Lemkin: the “founder of the United Nation's Genocide Convention” as a historian of mass violence

Henry R. Huttenbach (The City College of the City University of New York, USA); Dominik. J. Schaller (Arbeitsgruppe für Genozidforschung, Zürich, Switzerland); Jürgen Zimmerer (University of Sheffield, UK)
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New York 2005: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
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Zimmerer, Jürgen

Volume 7, Number 4 / December 2005

Table of contents

Notes on contributors pp. 441 - 441

From the Editor: Lemkin Redux: in quest of a word pp. 443 - 445

From the Guest Editors: Raphael Lemkin: the “founder of the United Nation's Genocide Convention” as a historian of mass violence pp. 447 - 452

Raphael Lemkin and the international debate on the punishment of war crimes (1919–1948) pp. 453 - 468
Daniel Marc Segesser and Myriam Gessler

What you see before your eyes: documenting Raphael Lemkin's life by exploring his archival Papers, 1900–1959 pp. 469 - 499
Tanya Elder

Raphael Lemkin as historian of genocide in the Americas pp. 501 - 529
Michael A. Mcdonnell and A. Dirk Moses

Raphael Lemkin's view of European colonial rule in Africa: between condemnation and admiration pp. 531 - 538
Dominik J. Schaller

Raphael Lemkin on the Holocaust pp. 539 - 550
Dan Stone

Hostage of politics: Raphael Lemkin on “Soviet genocide” pp. 551 - 559
Anton Weiss-wendt

Book reviews pp. 561 - 578

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