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Journal of World-Systems Research XIX (2013), 1

Journal of World-Systems Research XIX (2013), 1
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Founding and Former Editors: Chris Chase-Dunn (founding and former editor)–University of California, Riverside Wally Goldfrank (former editor)–University of California, Santa Cruz Editors: Andrew K. Jorgenson– University of Utah Edward Kick–North Carolina State University Managing Editor: Laura McKinney–North Carolina State University Book Review Editor: Thomas D. Hall–Depauw University Technical Editor: Gregory Fulkerson–State University of New York, College at Oneonta Site Hosting: Institute for Research on World-Systems University of California, Riverside Editorial Board: Janet Abu-Lughod–New School of Social Research Syed Farid Alatas–National University of Singapore Salvatore Babones–University of Pittsburgh Jennifer Bair–Yale University Kenneth Barr–Institute for Research on World-Systems Jason Beckfield–Harvard University Manuela Boatca–Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Patrick Bond–University of Kwazulu-Natal Tom Burns–University of Oklahoma Beth Caniglia–University of Oklahoma Bill Caroll–University of British Columbia Brett Clark–North Carolina State University Rob Clark–University of Oklahoma Wilma Dunaway–Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University James Fenelon–California State University, San Bernardino Brian Gareau–Boston College Paul Gellert–Uniervsity of Tennessee, Knoxville Vincentas Giedraitis–Vilnius University John Gulick–Hanyang University Alf Hornborg–University of Lund Asafa Jalata–University of Tennessee Marina Karides–Florida Atlantic University Jeffrey Kentor–University of Utah Su Hoon Lee–Kyungnam University April Linton–University of California, San Diego Omar Lizardo–University of Notre Dame Bruce London–Clark University Matthew Mahutga–University of California, Riverside Bill Martin–State University of New York, Binghamton Jason Moore–Lund University Timothy Patrick Moran–State University of New York, Stony Brook Alejandro Portes–Princeton University Thomas Reifer–University of San Diego James Rice–New Mexico State University Timmons Roberts–College of William and Mary Stephen J. Scanlan– Ohio University John Shandra–State University of New York, Stony Brook Leslie Sklair–London School of Economics and Political Science Jon Shefner–University of Tennessee, Knoxville Jackie Smith–University of Notre Dame William R. Thompson–Indiana University Michael Timberlake–University of Utah David Wilkinson–University of California, Los Angeles Richard York–University of Oregon Associate Editors: Giovani Arrighi–Johns Hopkins University Richard Appelbaum–University of California, Santa Barbara Albert Bergesen–University of Arizona Volker Bornschier–University of Zurich Chris Chase-Dunn–University of California, Riverside Peter Evans–University of California, Berkeley Shelley Feldman–Cornell University Scott Frey–University of Tennessee Jonathan Friedman–University of Lund Harriet Friedmann–University of Toronto Gary Gereffi–Duke University Wally Goldfrank–University of California, Santa Cruz Patrick McGowan–Arizona State University Phil McMichael–Cornell University John Meyer–Stanford University Bill Robinson–University of California, Santa Barbara Robert Ross–Clark University Saskia Sassen–Columbia University Beverly Silver–Johns Hopkins University David Smith–University of California, Irvine Alvin So–Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Peter Taylor–Loughborough University Immanuel Wallerstein–Yale University
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Organization name
Journal of World-Systems Research
United States
Andrew K. Jorgenson and Edward Kick Department of Sociology and Anthropology Campus Box 8107 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695-8107
Hall, Thomas D.

Table of contents

Jackie Smith Editor’s Introduction

Adam Driscoll and Edward L. Kick
Naval Stores Extraction in Eastern North Carolina: The Historical Basis of Spatial Inequality within a Core Nation

Thomas D. Hall
Lessons from Comparing the Two Southwests: Southwest China and Northwest New Spain/Southwest US

Erynn Masi de Casanova and Barbara Sutton
Transnational Body Projects: Media Representations of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism in Argentina and the United States

Eric Bonds
Hegemony and Humanitarian Norms: The U.S. Legitimation of Toxic Violence

Brent Z. Kaup
In Spaces of Marginalization: Dispossession, Incorporation, and Resistance in Bolivia

Asafa Jalata
The Impacts of Terrorism and Capitalist Incorporation on Indigenous Americans


The Clash of Ideas in World Politics: Transnational Networks, States, and Regime Change, 1510-2010 by John Owen, Reviewed by Julian Go

Free Burma: Transnational Legal Activism and Corporate Accountability by John Dale, Reviewed by Dominic J. Nardi Jr.

Indigenous Peoples and Globalization: Resistance and Revitalization by Thomas D. Hall and James V. Fenelon, Reviewed by Paul S. Ciccantell

Workers, State and Development in Brazil: Powers of Labour, Chains of Value by Ben Selwyn, Reviewed by Phillip Hough

Fighting for the Future of Food: Activists Versus Agribusiness in the Struggle over Biotechnology by Rachel Schurman and William A. Munro, Reviewed by Tim Bartley

Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Labor Standards: Firms and Activists in the Making of Private Regulation by Luc Fransen, Reviewed by Florence Palpacuer

Making Waves: Worldwide Social Movements, 1750-2005 by William G. Martin, Reviewed by John Dale

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