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Journal of Genocide Research 15 (2013), 2

Journal of Genocide Research 15 (2013), 2
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Massacre in the Old and New Worlds, c.1780–1820

A. Dirk Moses (EUI Florenz/Sydney) in Verbindung mit Cathie Carmichael (East Anglia, Norwich), Simone Gigliotti (Victoria, Wellington), Jens Meierhenrich (LSE, London) Dan Stone (Royal Holloway, London).
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New York 2013: Routledge
115–245 S.



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Journal of Genocide Research
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Moses, Dirk

The Journal of Genocide Research (official journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars: <http://www.inogs.com>) announces the second issue of the year, a special issue on ‘massacre in the old and new worlds, c.1780–1820’.

Table of contents

Table of Contents


Massacre in the old and new worlds, c.1780–1820
Philip G. Dwyer & Lyndall Ryan
pages 111–115


Violence and the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars: massacre, conquest and the imperial enterprise
Philip G. Dwyer
pages 117–131

French atrocities during the Haitian War of Independence
Philippe R. Girard
pages 133–149

A new age or just the same old cycle of extirpation? Massacre and the 1798 Irish rebellion
Elizabeth Malcolm
pages 151–166

Fractal massacres in the Old Northwest: the example of the Miamis
Barbara Alice Mann
pages 167–182

The British and the ‘Bushmen’: the massacre of the Cape San, 1795 to 1828
Nigel Penn
pages 183–200

Message by massacre: Venezuela’s War to the Death, 1810–1814
Karen Racine
pages 201–217

Untangling Aboriginal resistance and the settler punitive expedition: the Hawkesbury River frontier in New South Wales, 1794–1810
Lyndall Ryan
pages 219–232

Book Review

Lemkin on Genocide
Adam Jones
pages 233–236

Forgotten Genocides: Oblivion, Denial, and Memory
Steven Schouten
pages 237–239

The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-century Spain
Martin Shaw
pages 239–241

Responsibility to Protect – eine juristische Betrachtung
Mark Swatek-Evenstein
pages 242–244

Barriers to Peace in Civil War
Kenneth Hemmerechts
pages 244–245

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