New Global Studies 14 (2020), 1

New Global Studies 14 (2020), 1.
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Nayan Chanda (Ashoka University) Akira Iriye (Harvard University) Bruce Mazlish (MIT) † Sassen, Saskia
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Berkeley 2020: de Gruyter
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Nayan Chanda (Ashoka University) Akira Iriye (Harvard University) Bruce Mazlish (MIT) † Sassen, Saskia Managing editor: Kenneth Weisbrode (Harvard University)

New Global Studies 14:1 is now available.

Table of Content


“Good” and “Bad” Actors in Digital Space: The Un/Making of a Digital Citizen
Phillip Kalantzis-Cope

The Jade Straitjacket: Measuring Reactions to China’s Rise
Felipe Herrera

Globalizing Education in Times of Hyper-Nationalism, Rising Authoritarianism, and Shrinking Worldviews
Eve Darian-Smith


The Fall of the Post-Industrial, Post-Global, Post-Colonial World
Laura Burocco

Africa, Go Green! A New Initiative for the Continent’s Youth to Become Leaders in the Global Environment Needs to Combine Activism with Knowledge, Research and Policy
Roland Benedikter / William Mensa Tsedze / Kathrin Unterkircher

Review Essay

Gordon Mathews, Linessa Dan Lin and Yang Yang. The World in Guangzhou. African and Other Foreigners in South China’s Global Marketplace; Kevin Hjortshøj O’Rourke and Jeffrey Gale Williamson, Eds. The Spread of Modern Industry to the Periphery since 1871
Matthias Middell

Book Reviews

Edward Ross Dickinson. The World in the Long Twentieth Century: An Interpretive History
Jeremy Adelman

Boaventura de Sousa Santos. The End of the Cognitive Empire: The Coming of Age of Epistemologies of the South
Ralph Weber

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