Comparativ 29 (2019), 6

Comparativ 29 (2019), 6.

Matthias Middell (RecentGlobe, Leipzig University) and Katja Castryck-Naumann (Leibniz-Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe, Leipzig)
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Comparativ is edited by Matthias Middell and Hannes Siegrist (ReCentGlobe, Leipzig University) on behalf of the European Network in Universal and Global History and published with Leipzig University Press
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Narrating World History after the Global Turn: The Cambridge World History (2015)

Matthias Middell / Katja Castryck-Naumann, pp. 7–8.


Matthias Middell: The Cambridge World History as a Result of the Generational Effort to Renew World History Writing, pp. 9–25.

Katja Castryck-Naumann: Introducing World History, to 10,000 BCE. On CWH volume I, pp. 26–39.

Eric Vanhaute: A World with Agriculture, 12,000 BCE–500 CE. On CWH volume II, pp. 40–47.

Jörg Rüpke: Early Cities in Comparative Perspective, 4000 BCE–1200 CE. On CWH volume III, p. 48–55.

Stephan Conermann: A World with States, Empires, and Networks, 1200 BCE–900 CE. On CWH volume IV, pp. 56–62.

Wolfram Drews: Expanding Webs of Exchange and Conflict, 500 CE–1500 CE. On CWH volume V, pp. 63–69.

Wolfgang Reinhard: The Construction of a Global World, 1400–1800. Part I: Foundations. Part II: Patterns of Change. On CWH volumes VI,1 and VI,2, pp. 70–81.

Matthias Middell: Production, Destruction, and Connection from 1750 to the Present. Part I: Structures, Spaces, and Boundary Making. On CWH volume VII,1, pp. 82–93.

Stefano Bellucci
Production, Destruction, and Connection from 1750 to the Present. Part II: Shared Transformations? On CWH volume VII,2, pp. 94–103.


Claudia Rauhut: Das fortdauernde Erbe der Sklaverei: Warum karibische Staaten Reparationen von Europa fordern, pp. 104–120.


Hendrik Schulte Nordholt: China and the Barbarians. Resisting the Western World Order. Leiden: Leiden University Press 2018, 464 pp.
by Klaas Dykmann, pp. 118–122

Magaly Rodríguez García / Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk / Lex Heerma
van Voss (eds.): Selling Sex in the City. A Global History of Prostitution, 1600’s–2000’s, Leiden 2017
by Ruth Ennis, pp. 121–122.

Leos Müller: Neutrality in World History, London 2019
by Frederik Dhondt, pp. 123–126.

Megan Maruschke: Portals of Globalization. Repositioning Mumbai’s Ports and Zones, 1833–2014, Berlin / Boston 2019
by Hugo Silveira Pereira, pp. 127–129.

Matthias Middell (ed.): The Practice of Global History. European Perspectives, London 2019
by Carolin Liebisch-Gümüş pp. 130–131.

The Oxford Illustrated History of the World, ed. by Felipe Fernández-Armesto, Oxford 2019
by Matthias Middell, pp. 132–133.

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann / Catherine Dossin / Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (eds.): Circulations in the Global History of Art, Farnham 2015
by Beáta Hock, pp. 134–136.

Greg Burgess: The League of Nations and the Refugees from Nazi Germany. James G. McDonald and Hitler’s Victims, London et al. 2016
by Isabella Löhr, pp. 137–140.

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