Benjamin Beuerle

Max Weber Stiftung - Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland
Deutsches Historisches Institut Moskau

Recent articles

CFP: Changes in Urban Mobilities and their environmental consequences: Russia, Germany and beyond (19th – 21st cent.)
German Historical Institute Moscow, German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) Moscow
Moscow 02.12.2020

CFP: Climate change, energy, and sustainability in the Pacific region: knowledge, policies, and transfers (1970s-present)
Sarah Beringer (German Historical Institute Washington D.C.), Benjamin Beuerle (German Historical Institute Moscow), Sonja Ganseforth (German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ)) and Yufei Zhou (DIJ) Max Weber Foundation research project "Knowledge Unbound"
Tokyo 19.04.2021 - 20.04.2021

CFP: The Russian Far East: Regional and transnational perspectives (19th-21st cent.)
German Historical Institute Moscow; Russian Academy of Sciences, Far-Eastern Branch; Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (Chair of Russian/ Asian Studies); Indiana University; International Laboratory “Russia´s Regions in Historical Perspective”, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Vladivostok 28.09.2020 - 29.09.2020

CFP: Climate change in the Soviet Union and Russia: Approaches and debates in science, society, and politics, 1960s-2010s
Benjamin Beuerle, German Historical Institute Moscow; Katja Doose and Jonathan Oldfield, University of Birmingham
Moskau 25.04.2019 - 26.04.2019