Anti-Imperialism in World History: Sources and Approaches

Anti-Imperialism in World History: Sources and Approaches

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Articles in the forum "World History Connected" will broadly investigate sources and approaches to global anti-imperialist movements and their use in the classroom.

Anti-Imperialism in World History: Sources and Approaches

World History Connected, a 15-year old affiliate of the World History Association published by the University of Illinois Press, is seeking papers on “Anti-Imperialism in World History: Sources and Approaches,” which will be guest edited by Michele Louro (Salem State University) and Carolien Stolte (Leiden University). These articles will appear in the journal’s Forum section of topically-related articles devoted to innovative archival research and/or the scholarship of teaching in the interdisciplinary field of world history (Individual Articles may be submitted at any time on any subject germane to the field).

Articles in this Forum will broadly investigate sources and approaches to global anti-imperialist movements and their use in the classroom. Potential topics for exploration include, but are not limited to the following questions: how to write the history of global anti-imperialism while remaining sensitive to local difference? How did global organizations (League Against Imperialism, OSPAAL, etc.) impact anti-imperialist activism in local contexts? What sources and collections for the history of anti-imperialism work well in the classroom, and how are they best approached? Articles that introduce and translate specific sources on anti-imperialism in languages other than English are also welcomed.

Please submit an abstract to the guest editors by November 1, 2021. Full submissions are due January 15, 2022. Given the continued publication disruptions as a result of Covid-19, initial inquiries and early submissions are encouraged.

All submissions for this Forum must follow the submissions guide at and should be sent to the guest editors at and
Submitted articles should be more than 3,000 words, with the upper limit of 10,000 words. All submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. World History Connected reserves the right to decline to publish any submission.

World History Connected (ISSN 1931-8642) annually reaches 1.85 million readers (readers of more than two articles and 6 million visits annually to its Homepage. It publishes Forums, individual articles, book reviews, and lists of books available for review 3 times a year: Winter (approximately February-March), Summer (approximately June-July), and Fall (approximately October-November) that address any topic of interest to researchers and practitioners of world history.

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