Atlantic Italies: Economic Entanglements between the Americas, Africa and the Mediterranean (15th-19th Centuries)

Atlantic Italies: Economic Entanglements between the Americas, Africa and the Mediterranean (15th-19th Centuries)

Universität Zürich (Roberto Zaugg, Zürich; Silvia Marzagalli, Nice)
Roberto Zaugg, Zürich; Silvia Marzagalli, Nice
Rämistrasse 71; 1-2 September: room KOL-E-18; 3 September: room KO2-F-152
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01.09.2022 - 03.09.2022
Roberto Zaugg, Historisches Seminar, Universität Zürich

Final meeting of the Atlantic Italies Network

Atlantic Italies: Economic Entanglements between the Americas, Africa and the Mediterranean (15th-19th Centuries)

Early modern Italian states did not possess colonies in the Atlantic world. Due to this absence, the grand-narrative of national history has often reduced the Italian involvement in this macro-region either to the ‘heroic’ deeds of navigators such as Columbus or Vespucci, or to the well-studied mass migrations of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Recent scholarship, however, is unearthing an impressive variety of hitherto little known entanglements linking social actors, states and markets of Italian-speaking territories to the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa. Challenging the established view of Italian history, the Atlantic Italies Network joins these attempts to re-read the history of the peninsula in its global dimensions. By exploring trans-imperial approaches to the Atlantic world, it aims to connect two fields of scholarship that have largely evolved alongside separate lines: Atlantic history and Mediterranean history. In order to do so, it focusses on economic dynamics and related cultural phenomena, examining the circulation of goods and knowledge as well as specific brokers involved in Italian-Atlantic connections.


Thursday 1 September

13:00 Reception
13.20 Roberto Zaugg (Zürich); Silvia Marzagalli (Nice): Introduction

Session 1
Chair: Riccardo E. Rossi (Zürich)
13:40 Andrea Guerrero Mosquera (Ciudad de México): "Spies" and missionaries: the frst Capuchins in Central Africa
14:10 Thiago Sapede (Salvador de Bahia): The political and economic role of Italian Capuchins in the global stakes of power involving Kongo and Portugal (18th-19th centuries)
14:40 Discussion

15:30 Coffee break

Session 2
Chair: Carlo Taviani (Zürich)
16:00 Giulia Bonazza (Venezia / New York): Slavery and the Black presence in Italian cities from the Atlantic colonies in the second half of the 18th century
16:30 Alessandro Tuccillo (Torino): Suspicious ships: the Kingdom of Sardinia and the campaign for the suppression of the Atlantic slave trade
17:00 Discussion
17:50 End of day one

Friday 2 September

Session 3
Chair: Eva Brugger (Zürich)
10:20 Francesco Guidi Bruscoli (Firenze): Breaking boundaries: Florentine merchants and the Atlantic (15th-16th Centuries)
10:50 Pierre Niccolò Sofia (Nice): Venice and its connection with the Atlantic trade in the 18th century: a matter of glass beads and sugar
11:20 Discussion
12:10 Lunch

Session 4
Chair: Ingrid Greenfield (Basel)
14:00 Fabiano Bracht (Porto): Follow the money: the emergence of a knowledge economy from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (15th to 16th centuries)
14:30 Gisele Cristina da Conceição (Porto): Domenico Vandelli between knowledge and power: production and circulation of natural philosophical knowledge in the 18th century
15:00 Discussion

15:50 Coffee break

Session 5
Chair: Ingrid Greenfield (Basel)
16:20 Samir Boumediene (Lyon): American gifts: the economies of New World naturalia in early modern Italy
16:50 Riccardo E. Rossi (Zürich): (Inter-)connected ‘hinterlands’? Trade, retail and consumption of Atlantic goods inthe Alpine valleys of the Three Leagues, 1630s to 1790s
17:20 Discussion

18:10 End of day two

Saturday 3 September

Session 6
Chair: Silvia Marzagalli (Nice)
09:00 Nicholas Baker: (Sidney): Dipping a toe in the Atlantic: The Botti of Florence
09:30 Maarten Draper (Groningen): Italian merchants in Amsterdam and their role in Dutch colonial trade, 1650-1700
10:00 Discussion
10:50 Coffee break

Session 7
Chair: Giulio Talini (Napoli)
11:20 Carlo Taviani (Zürich): Crossing the Sahara or the ocean? The Genoese Marihoni and Cattaneo families and their business, ca. 1450-1530
11:50 Steven Teasdale (Toronto) The Lomellini family in the Canary Islands: Genoese economic and cultural networks in the early sixteenth century Atlantic
12:20 Discussion
13:10 Lunch

Session 8
Chair: Giulio Talini (Napoli)
15:00 Antonio Iodice (Genova / Exeter): Atlantic goods, Mediterranean waters: Genoa’s entrepôt through maritime averages procedures, 1590-1700
15:30 Catia Brilli (Varese): The scope and the limits of the Genoese persistence in the Atlantic economy (18th century)
16:00 Discussion

16:50 End of conference

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