World History Association 14th Annual Conference

World History Association 14th Annual Conference

World History Association
Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco
United States
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27.06.2005 - 29.06.2005
Matteson, C. Kieko

The WHA is delighted to announce the site of its 2005 conference: Al
Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Ifrane is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the historic walled city of Fez. AUI is an English-speaking university.

The conference's dual themes, "The Mediterranean in World History" and "Africa in World History," reflect Morocco's special geographic and cultural position in world history.


The 2005 WHA Program Committee enthusiastically invites proposals from all over the world for papers, panels, presentations, roundtables, and multi-person workshops on topics related to the scholarly and/or pedagogical aspects of this year’s themes: “The Mediterranean in World History” and “Africa in World History.” The Committee also welcomes sessions and papers outside of these two themes.

Submission deadline: February 1, 2005

Conference Themes: 1. The Mediterranean in World History; 2. Africa in World History

1. All sessions are ninety (90) minutes long. Panel organizers should divide the time for presentations and comments proportionately among the panelists, allowing at least 15 minutes for audience response.

2. Where possible, panel organizers should attempt to assemble panelists from a range of institutions, regions, and professional/academic levels.

3. The Program Committee may accept, reject, alter panel proposals, or assign presenters to other panels should the individual papers of a panel lack thematic unity.

4. Papers submitted individually will be grouped into panels by the Program Committee and a chair will be assigned. Please contact the chair directly regarding the time allotted for your paper and other organizational matters.

5. No individual may present more than one paper nor appear in any capacity on more than two panels/presentations.

6. Panel proposals consisting entirely of graduate students may be strengthened by a letter of support from a faculty member familiar with the students’ work.

7. To facilitate the Program Committee's work, please indicate on your individual submission form whether you are willing to act as chair or discussant for another session.

8. The Program Committee will make its best effort to accommodate scheduling requests, however, it is not possible to guarantee any presenter or panel a specific date or time.

9. All proposals must be accompanied by the appropriate submission form(s).

10. In the case of proposals of equal merit, preference for acceptance will be given to:

- Proposals that address a conference theme

- WHA members in good standing

11. In the event a program participant is forced to withdraw, he/she should notify the panel Chair as soon as possible and locate a suitable replacement.

12. All program participants (paper presenters, chairs, and discussants) must register in advance for the conference by May 15, 2005. Program participants who have not registered by this date will not be listed in the printed program and the panel Chair or Program Committee will seek a replacement. Registration information will be posted by February 2005 at the WHA’s website:

Once the Committee has finalized the program, all persons who have submitted proposals will be notified via e-mail of the Committee's decisions. Panel organizers are responsible for notifying the individual members of their panel of the Program Committee’s decision. If you require a hard copy of your acceptance letter to secure funding or obtain visa approval, please let the Program Committee know as soon as possible, preferably with your original proposal submission.

The Program Committee will make every attempt to inform panelists of their scheduled appearance time and date at the time of initial notification.

If you have not received an official e-mail or letter by April 15, please contact the Program Committee, c/o
The World History Association
Department of History
Sakamaki Hall A203
University of Hawai‘i
Honolulu, HI 96822 (U.S.A.)
tel: (808) 956-7688

Questions regarding the Call for Papers should be addressed to the Committee Chair (listed below).

2005 WHA Program Committee:
Chair: Kerry Ward, Rice University, Houston, Texas, <>
Sharon Cohen, Springbrook High School, Maryland, <>
Joel E. Tishken, Columbus State University, Georgia, <>

Contact (announcement)

The World History Association
Department of History
Sakamaki Hall A203
University of Hawai&#8216;i
Honolulu, HI 96822 (U.S.A.)
tel: (808) 956-7688
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