Understanding Globalization: Theories, Challenges and Impacts

Understanding Globalization: Theories, Challenges and Impacts

International Journal of Social Inquiry
Bursa, Turkey
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15.04.2008 -
Bozkurt, Veyzel

Understanding Globalization: Theories, Challenges and Impacts

Globalization is a highly challenged and debated concept. The term is often loosely used to refer to the increasing depth and speed of interconnectivity of people, finances, ideas, culture, power and technology across the world. A number of contesting perspectives have emerged to try and make sense of the processes, impacts and effects of globalization. The discussion has come to encompass almost every aspect of human endeavor and often brings together the different fields of study to look at the same issues from different perspectives.

Scholars, researchers, activists and many other stakeholders continue to focus on the different aspects of globalization, depending on their particular areas of interest. The debate on globalization has developed its own language, with struggles around the meaning and intent of the words, both old and newly created, to explain the ramifications of this paradigm.

The process of globalization has called into discussion issues of global governance arrangements, human rights, trade and economics, human security and risk, sustainability and global movements of people. There are significant challenges, opportunities and threats in the new global order.

This issue of the International Journal of Social Inquiry will focus on understanding Globalization and on the complex debates surrounding this term. The editors welcome papers that bring new knowledge to this debate and excavate some of the complexities represented by the term. While the emphasis will be on Globalization, papers that are outside the identified theme will be welcomed subject to the availability of space and the quality of the papers. All the papers will undergo a peer-review process.

The details for submission of manuscripts are available on the Journal website at http://www.socialinquiry.org/

The papers for this edition are due by the 15th of April, 2008.

The International Journal of Social Inquiry is published by Uludag University Social Sciences Institute, in collaboration with RMIT University and James Cook University.

The Guest Editors for this issue are Hurriyet Babacan, Narayan Gopalkrishnan and Ihsan Sezal.


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