People on the Move-Culture and Knowledge in Motion

People on the Move-Culture and Knowledge in Motion

Dr. Carola Bauschke-Urban (TU Dortmund University); Dr. Heike Hawicks (University Duisburg-Essen); Dr. Barbara Laubenthal (University Bochum); Jun. Prof. Dr. Jenny Rahel Oesterle (University Bochum); Drs. Kim de Wildt (TU Dortmund University), Members of the Global Young Faculty
TU Dortmund, Internationales Begegnungszentrum
From - Until
02.12.2010 - 03.12.2010
Jenny Oesterle

The main goal of this interdisciplinary conference is to bring together experts from different disciplines to discuss aspects and problems of the transfer of knowledge and of cultural exchanges from an interdisciplinary und historical comparative perspective. The international conference “People on the Move – Culture and Knowledge in Motion” focuses on historical and contemporary transformations of knowledge and culture from medieval times to the 21st century and on the mobility of educated people and groups – in particular rulers, diplomats, pilgrims, scholars, mobile professionals and migrants. The conference aims at transcending interdisciplinary boundaries as well as historical epochs.

Organized by five members of the Global Young Faculty from different academic backgrounds - medieval history, sociology, political science, ritual studies, religious education and science studies-, it is set in a broad temporal and spatial framework and aims at providing a forum for a cross-historical and transdisciplinary analysis of and debate on mobility, knowledge transfer and cultural change. Which forms of knowledge transfer and cultural exchange are needed in order to address contemporary global challenges such as new migration processes, increasing economic and social competition and growing religious diversity in the context of progressing globalization? This main theme of the conference will be addressed from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

- How and why does knowledge “travel” today, as opposed to earlier times?
- How did strategic decisions of sovereigns and the role of pilgrims and scholarsaffect the transmission of culture and knowledge in the past?
- In which way does pilgrimage contribute to the transfer of culture and knowledge in former times and today?
- Which differences and similarities, patterns and conceptions, confl icts and successes can be detected in cultural encounters and exchanges from medieval times to today?
- What can we learn from cultural exchanges and processes of knowledgetransfer in other historical eras?
- How does the memory of migration contribute to the integration of migrants today?
- Which (new?) forms of knowledge transfer, cultural encounters and exchanges does contemporary migration entail?


Thursday, December, 2nd, 2010

10 h arrival, coffee

10.30 – 11.30 h
Conference Opening
Prof. Dr. Walter Grünzweig
Prorector Academic Affairs, TU Dortmund, Germany
Dr. Wolfgang Rohe
Director Centre for Science and Humanities, Stiftung Mercator, Germany
Dr. h.c. Fritz Pleitgen (written greeting)
Managing Director of Ruhr 2010
Dr. Carola Bauschke-Urban, Dr. Heike Hawicks, Dr. Barbara Laubenthal, Jun. Prof. Dr. Jenny Oesterle, Drs. Kim de Wildt
Fellows Global Young Faculty

11.30 – 12.30 h
Keynote Lecture
Prof. Dr. Ronald Grimes (Wilfrid Laurier University Ontario, Canada/ Radboud University Nijmegen,The Netherlands)
The Ritualization of Moving and Learning

12.30 – 13.30 h lunch

13.30 – 15.00 h
Panel I. People and Culture on the Move: Pilgrims

Dr. Sanne Derks (Nijmegen University, The Netherlands)
Marian Pilgrimage and Movement: Dance Processions, Ethnicity and Excluding Communitas in Bolivia

Prof. Dr. Paul Post (University of Tilburg, The Netherlands)
Profiles of Pilgrimage: the Perspective of Sacred-Ritual Fields

Prof. Dr. John Eade (Roehampton University London, Great Britain)
The Changing Face of Multicultural Europe: Comparing Labour Migration and Pilgrimage

15.00 -15.30 h coffeebreak

15.30 – 17.00 h

Panel II. Culture and Knowledge in Motion – Historical Perspectives

PD Dr. Jochen Johrendt (LMU Munich/ University of Münster, Germany)
The Latin Church of the High Middle Ages –Homogenization as a Result of Knowledge in Motion?

Prof. Dr. Sharon D. Michalove, PhD (University of Illinois, USA)
Diplomat, Pilgrim, Scholar: The Multifaceted Traveller in the Late Middle Ages

Dr. Sita Steckel (University of Münster, Germany/ Harvard University, USA)
Moving ideas and immovable truths. Transfer of learned knowledge
in the European Middle Ages and the role of religion

17.00 – 17. 15 h coffeebreak

17.15 –18.15 h
Plenary Talk 1
Prof. Dr. Ralph-Johannes Lilie (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Germany)
Byzantium and the Occident. The Formation of Europe in the Middle Ages

Friday, 3. December 2010

8.30 h arrival, coffee

9.00 h – 11.15 h

Panel III. People on the move – culture and knowledge in motion
Dr. Abdhallah Chanfi Ahmed (Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin)
The West African Migration (Hijra) to Mecca and Medina after the Colonization

Prof. Takeyuki Tsuda, Ph.D. (Arizona State University, USA)
Encouraging the Diaspora to Return Home
The Cultural Logic and Consequences of Ethnic Return Migration Policy

Dr. Joachim Baur (free curator, Die Exponauten, Berlin)
Staging Migration - Staging the Nation
On the Representation of Migration History in Museums

11.15-11.30 h coffeebreak

11.30-12.30 h
Prof. Dr. Leo Lucassen (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
To be announced

12.30 – 13.30 h lunch

13.30- 14.30 h
Plenary Talk 2

Prof. Adrian Favell, Ph.D. (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Mobility, Creativity and Security Limits of Movement in the Fast-Lane, Flat World

14.30 – 14.45 h coffeebreak

14.45 – 15.45 h

Plenary Talk 3
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stichweh (University of Lucerne. Switzerland)
Migration of Scientists and the Globalization of Science

15.45 h
Conference Closure and Farewell Ceremony

Contact (announcement)

- Dr. Carola Bauschke-Urban (TU Dortmund University)
- Dr. Heike Hawicks (University Duisburg-Essen)
- Dr. Barbara Laubenthal (University Bochum)
- Jun. Prof. Dr. Jenny Rahel Oesterle (University Bochum)
- Drs. Kim de Wildt (TU Dortmund University)

Christina Breidenbach
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
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