Colonial Education in Africa: Connecting Histories of Education Through Text, Image, Voice, Memory and Word

Colonial Education in Africa: Connecting Histories of Education Through Text, Image, Voice, Memory and Word

Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI); Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES); International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE)
University of Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa
From - Until
04.07.2013 - 05.07.2013
Fuchs, Eckhardt

The Workshop is designed to promote the research and teaching of history of education in African universities and the cooperation between African historians and educational historians. It encourages a research conversation on the history of African colonial education and its legacies through the application of innovative historical methods and approaches (oral history, photographic analysis, media, memory work, representation etc.). It will address the travel, reception and adaptation of educational ideas and practices in the colonial and post-colonial educational experience in Africa.

The African colonial and post- colonial context provides fertile ground for this workshop, given the multiple challenges of colonial and post-colonial education systems in the area, the opportunity for exploring new historical methods, and the need to develop networks between scholars in the area across the continent. The proposed workshop is particularly interested in attracting scholars from a range of perspectives across Africa, including Francophone and Lusophone Africa, and regions across the continent.

Following the mission of SACHES,

one goal of the workshop is to transcend the boundaries of the countries to provide an opportunity for scholarship that would locate itself, simultaneously, in national, regional and global context.

Following the mission of ISCHE,

a goal of the workshop is to support small meetings of researchers in regions that are not fully supported by national societies in the history of education for the purpose of inspiring innovative new research and communication between scholars.

Following the mission of the GEI

the meeting is particularly focused on the use of different forms of educational media, textbooks, museums, memorials, films, photographs, oral traditions and others, and their representation of society and of the process of learning and teaching in and under colonial societies.



We are keen to attract experienced researchers as well as novices to participate in this first joint workshop on the history of education and policy development in Africa. We therefore invite scholars from around the globe to present their current research on any aspect related to the general theme of the workshop.

Proposed Program:
20-25 paper presentations by selected scholars

Please send paper proposals of 500 words and a short CV by
31 October 2012 to Eckhardt Fuchs.

Selection of participants:
15 December 2012

Minimal financial support is available, but it is hoped that the workshop will have no registration fee and that some or part of housing and food expenses will be covered. Inexpensive accommodation can also be arranged on the UCT campus.

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Prof. Dr. Eckhardt Fuchs

Georg-Eckert-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung
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