Reflecting the Americas as Space of Entanglements

Reflecting the Americas as Space of Entanglements

Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS) and "The Americas as Space of Entanglements", a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University, Methoden 1, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany
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27.10.2016 - 29.10.2016
Paul-Matthias Tyrell

After a successful 4-year run of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funded project “the Americas as space of entanglement” an international conference will take place in Bielefeld from October 27 to 29. Under the title “Reflecting the Americas as Space of Entanglements” it will sum up the research results from an intense period of transdisciplinary investigation into the conceptualization of the Americas as space of entanglements. The major purpose of the conference is to present various levels of reflection with regard to the insights gained, to their further development and to new questions that have emerged from the transdisciplinary exchange both within the project and with national and international networks related to the field of area studies.

During the three days of the conference, we will hear contributions about different parts, spaces and topics within the Americas. Presentations of specific case studies always refer to the overall conceptual questions and vice versa: What is the role of entanglements in the specific area of study (and how did it change over time)? Which conceptualization of entanglements helps to look onto blind spots of classical research within area studies and how does it help to overcome knowledge asymmetries? What are the limits of the concept and how to combine it with other approaches?

We cordially invite all people interested and ask for registration until September 25.



October 26, 2016
Matthias Middell (Leipzig):
Respatialization under the Global Condition
(Term Opening Lecture, University, X Building)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Registration & Welcome

Keynote Ella Shohat (New York):
Between Orientalism and Occidentalism: the Case of the Sephardi-Moorish Atlantic

Chair: Julia Roth (Bielefeld)
Comment: Joachim Michael (Bielefeld)

Coffee Break

Concepts and Methodology

Olaf Kaltmeier and Wilfried Raussert (Bielefeld):
No longer the Same: The Entanglements They Are A-Changin
Sarah Corona Berkin (Guadalajara):
De la investigación-acción a los métodos horizontales en Ciencias Sociales y Culturales.
Presencias interamericanas

Chair: Kirsten Kramer (Bielefeld)
Comment: Achim von Oppen (Bayreuth)
and Mario Rufer (Mexico City)

Lunch break

Practices of Connectedness: Cultural Flows in the Americas

Giselle Anatol (Kansas):
Beyond the Border: Reading Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones as Literature of Cultural Entanglements

Matti Steinitz (Berlin):
A Brand New Beat: Soul music as message carrier of the US African American freedom struggle in the Black Americas (1965-1975)

Yaatsil Guevara G. (Bielefeld):
Los sonidos que migran: La música popular del Sotavento Veracruzano como diáspora cultural

Chair: José Carlos Lozano (Texas A&M International University)
Comment: Julia Roth (Bielefeld)

Coffee Break

Imaginaries of threat in the Americas

Julie Greene (U of Maryland):
Anxieties of a Migrant Empire: Labor, Race, and the Remaking of the Americas at the Turn of
the Twentieth Century

Mirko Petersen (Bielefeld):
Interamerican Integration in the Face of Soviet Threat: Argentina, the United States and the Rio
Treaty (1945-50)

Valeria Manzano (Buenos Aires):
Shifting Meanings of a 'Social Threat': Youth, Drugs, and Politics in Argentina, 1960s–1980s

Chair: Clara Buitrago (Bielefeld)
Comment: Klaus Weinhauer (Bielefeld)


Mesa Redonda: La doble transferencia del conocimiento: Puentes entre la acción social y la investigación interamericana
Moderación: Yaatsil Guevara y Anne Tittor (Bielefeld)

Corinne Valdivia (Missouri):
Cambio Center. Investigación y apoyo a latinos y comunidades cambiantes

Dan Hawkins (Bogotá):
Área de investigación Escuela Nacional Sindical

Jochen Kemner (Bielefeld):
Material didáctico escolar sobre historia, cultura y medio ambiente en las Américas

Tomás González Castillo (Tenosique):
Hogar-Refugio para personas migrantes "La 72"

Friday, October 28, 2016


Entangled Migratory Flows in the Americas

Vilna Bashi Treitler (New York):
How the Knitted Survive: Afro-Caribbean Migrant Networks in Transnational Context

Gilberto Rescher (Hamburg):
-to be announced

Gioconda Herrera (Quito):
Navigating US deportation regime: reflections on agency and criminalization in the experience of
Ecuadorian indigenous migrants

Chair: Doris Löhr (Bayreuth)
Comment: Cornelia Giebeler (Bielefeld)

Lunch break

Contested Entanglements: Wars for Imperial Order

Kristin Hoganson (Chicago):
Heartland Histories: Placing the U.S. Midwest at Crossroads of Empire and War

Angelika Epple (Bielefeld):
Comparing in Times of War (1898)

Frank Schumacher (London, Canada):
Entangled, Embedded, and Engaged: War and US-Empire in the Philippines, 1899-1913

Chair: Klaus Weinhauer (Bielefeld)
Comment: Stefan Rinke (Berlin)

Coffee Break

Interamerican borderlands: Political, Geographical and Imperial Spaces in Historical Perspectives

Edith Kauffer (San Cristóbal de las Casas):
Waters and Entangled Borderlands in Southern Mexico and Northern Central America: Revisiting Geography, History and Politics

Holly Karibo (Oklahoma State University):
The Case for a Comparative Approach to the History of the North American Borderlands

Michael E. Donoghue (Marquette University):
The Panama Canal Zone: A Non-Contiguous U.S. Imperial Borderland

Chair: Alice Nash (University of Massachusetts)
Comment: Paul-Matthias Tyrell (Bielefeld)


Ronda de discusión:
Cuba en las Américas: Des-entrelazamientos y miradas futuras
Moderación: Jochen Kemner y Julia Roth (Bielefeld)
Sandra Abd ́Allah-Alvarez Ramírez
(Bloguera, activista, Hanóver y La Habana)
Rosa Muñoz
(Periodista, Bonn y La Habana)
Michael Zeuske
(Historiador, Experto en Cuba, Colonia)

Saturday, October 29

Michael Zeuske (Cologne): Slave trades and Slaveries in the Americas: Spaces, transcontinental entanglements and transculturations

Chair: Angelika Epple (Bielefeld)
Comment: Jochen Kemner (Bielefeld)

Coffee Break

Politics and environmental Change in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Carlos Sanhueza (Santiago de Chile):
La producción transnacional del conocimiento sobre los glaciares chilenos a partir del siglo XIX

Eleonora Rohland (Bielefeld):
300 Years of Environmental Knowledge and Political Change in New Orleans - Implications for the Present?

Dorothea Wehrmann (Bielefeld):
(Dis-)Entangled Polar Regions: The Representation of Environmental Changes in the

Chair: Alexander Mosena (Bielefeld)
Comment: Anne Tittor (Bielefeld)

Closing Remarks & Future Perspectives

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Lukas Rehm

Center for InterAmerican Studies, Bielefeld University

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