The Global City: The Urban Condition as a Pervasive Phenomenon (9th AISU Congress)

The Global City: The Urban Condition as a Pervasive Phenomenon (9th AISU Congress)

Associazione Italiana di Storia Urbana (AISU, talian Association of Urban History)
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11.09.2019 - 14.09.2019
Manuela Ghizzoni

AISU organizes the Urban History Conference every two years, in alternate years to the Conference of the European Association for Urban History, in collaboration with universities, centers and scientific institutions in the various Italian venues that become candidates to host it. The previous editions were held, since 2002, in Lecce, Rome, Turin, Milan, Rome, Catania, Padua, Naples.

The conferences aim to encourage an interdisciplinary and comprehensive comparison between Italian and international scholars engaged in studies that share the city and its history as the predominant subject of reflection and knowledge. The 9th Congress, in Bologna, will be devoted to investigate a cogent topic for this city in its research and urban strategies, and at the same time, cross in history and in the stories of many cities and cultural territories.

The conference is organized around seven thematic lines, each comprising different sessions and panels.

1- Mobility and interculturality. The city facing new relational systems
2- Open cities/closed cities. Institutions, policies, competition, rights
3- Local history, global history: dimensions, scale and interactions
4- The international vocation of urban planning. Schools, Institutions, Journals, Exhibitions, Urban Elites and Planning Models
5- Urban/Rural: identifications, contaminations, policies, cultural heritage
6- Images, forms and narratives from the global city
7- City and environment in the era of anthropocene and globalization

Proposals should be submitted using the designated form (to be found at the conference website) and sent to session curators as well as to no later than January 31, 2019.


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