Women’s Labour Activism in Eastern Europe and Beyond, 19th and 20th Centuries

Women’s Labour Activism in Eastern Europe and Beyond, 19th and 20th Centuries

ZARAH: Women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and transnationally, from the age of empires to the late 20th century (Central European University)
Central European University
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27.11.2020 -
Ivelina Masheva, CEU

This call for papers aims to initiate and strengthen scholarly collaboration, resulting in a highly visible international publication that showcases cutting-edge research on women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe, adjacent territories and internationally. We would like to provide a forum for mutually beneficial conversation, contribute to connecting scholars and researchers of various backgrounds, and engender further research and collaboration.

Women’s Labour Activism in Eastern Europe and Beyond, 19th and 20th Centuries

We solicit paper proposals as follows:
-The papers explore a topic in women’s labour activism in and beyond Eastern Europe, addressing the malleable connection, and sometimes tension, in women’s labour activism between gender, class and other categories and factors. They generate new knowledge on and develop creative approaches to studying women’s labour activism. They explore either a topic which has been underresearched so far, or discuss one or more better known activisms, organizations or contexts from a new perspective.
-The proposed papers should address the topic of activisms in diversifying or converging historical contexts and circumstances, adhering to one or more of the following design principles:
-- Use periodizations transgressing historical political rupture (e.g. 1912, 1918, 1945, 1953, 1989);
-- Pursue a long-term historical perspective;
-- Transgress organizational, political and other boundaries which historically have set different activists and activisms apart from each other or divided them;
-- Adopt a multi-scale approach by exploring the relationship between local, national and trans- or international dynamics of women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and adjacent territories.
- Papers should be based on original research with primary and secondary sources. Many different types of sources can be creatively used to foreground and discuss women’s labour activism.
-The publication project brings together contributions by senior and junior scholars; civil society or activist groups with a sustained interest and expertise in historical research are similarly invited to submit proposals.

Timeline and procedure:
Deadline for submitting paper proposals (in English, approximately 300-500 words) and short CV: 25 January 2021 ZARAH may support research for the draft papers accepted by small stipends (i.e. cost of research in archives/libraries and travel costs to visit these institutions). If you would like to make use of this option, please indicate in your submission “Research stipend for trip to PLACE / research in INSTITUTION”. (No budget estimation required at this stage.) Abstracts and CVs should be sent to: mashevai@ceu.edu and zimmerma@ceu.edu

Notification of acceptance of the paper proposals: 10 February 2021. Deadline for draft papers (in English, approximately 5000-7000 words; this word limitation is to leave space for further elaboration after the workshop, see below): 20 September 2021

This deadline is based on the assumption that archival and library research will be possible in spring and summer 2021. It might be postponed if things turn out otherwise. Selected participants will be informed in due time. The draft papers will be pre-circulated with all participants of the second ZARAH International Workshop, 14-15 October 2021, Central European University, Vienna.

The workshop brings together the contributors, the ZARAH team and international experts for the sole purpose to discuss the draft papers. All contributors will participate in the workshop sponsored by ZARAH. Deadline for submission of the final papers (approximately 8000-8500 words): 28 February 2022

Information on the ZARAH project can be found: https://zarah-ceu.org/

Contact (announcement)

mashevai@ceu.edu; zimmerma@ceu.edu