Worlds of Management: Transregional Approaches to Management Knowledge since 1945

Worlds of Management: Transregional Approaches to Management Knowledge since 1945

Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen (Vienna), Lukas Becht (Vienna), Florian Peters (Jena), Vítězslav Sommer (Prague) (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna)
Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna
Funded by
Fritz Thyssen Stiftung
From - Until
14.04.2021 - 16.04.2021
Florian Peters, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

This workshop aims at advancing transregional perspectives on the circulation of management knowledge during the second half of the 20th century. It brings together scholars from different parts of Europe, North America, and the Global South in order to reflect on discourses and practices of organisation in both capitalist and state-socialist settings, as well as their entanglements.

Worlds of Management: Transregional Approaches to Management Knowledge since 1945

The workshop is organised by Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen (University of Vienna), Lukas Becht (University of Vienna), Florian Peters (University of Jena), and Vítězslav Sommer (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague). It is hosted by the University of Vienna and generously supported by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung.

Due to current conditions, the workshop will take place online. Presentations will be based on pre-circulated papers (see below for details).

Everyone interested in participating in the keynote lecture by Eglė Rindzevičiūtė is invited to sign up here for joining us:

To receive the papers and the link to participate in the panels, please register with Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen (


WEDNESDAY, 14 April 2021

14:00–14:30 (Central European Time)
Online meet-and-greet

Opening remarks
Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen, Lukas Becht, Florian Peters, Vítězslav Sommer

Panel 1: Global Circulations – Local Management
Chair: Dietlind Hüchtker (Vienna)

Mara Marginean (Cluj-Napoca): “Global Knowledge, Local Practice: The Center for the Improvement of Industrial Managers (CEPECA) and Romania’s Cooperation with the United Nations in the 1970s”

Lourens van Haaften (Leuven): “Management and Nation Building:
The Sociotechnical Imaginaries behind the Making of the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India”

16:30–17:00 Coffee break

Eglė Rindzevičiūtė (London): “Thinking Management Across the Iron Curtain:
Theory, Practice and Reflexivity in Soviet Management”

THURSDAY, 15 April 2021

Panel 2: Managing Development
Chair: Eva-Maria Muschik (Vienna)

Malak Labib (Cairo): “Manufacturing Modernity on the Shop-Floor: Development
Planning and Managerial Expertise in Egypt (1945–1968)”

Kena Wani (Durham): “Pedagogies of Development, Conceptions of Efficiency: The Industrial and Rural Analogues of Modern Managerialism in Western India,
c. 1950–1979”

10:30–11:00 Coffee break

Panel 3: Between Management and Planning I
Chair: Anna Echterhölter (Vienna)

Yi Lu (Cambridge/Mass.): “Paper Glut: A History of Bureaucratism in Post-Revolutionary China”

Zoé Evrad (Paris): “Mediating Neoliberalism within Informal Planning Governance Mechanisms. The Institutional Conversion of the Planning Bureau”

12:30–14:00 Lunch

Panel 3: Between Management and Planning II
Chair: Anna Echterhölter (Vienna)

Roman Abramov (Moscow): “The Management of Research & Development in the Late Soviet Period: PERT System Integration and Everyday Work Practices by Soviet Engineers”

Martin Gorsky (London): “‘Planning’, ‘Systems Analysis’ and the Development of Health Services at the World Health Organization, c.1960–1990”

Time to chat: Social online coffee break.

FRIDAY, 16 April 2021

Panel 4: Challenges in Company Management
Chair: Florian Peters (Jena)

Iiulia Papuschina (Perm): “Entrepreneurial Bricolage in Soviet Fashion Production”

Maciej Tymiński (Warsaw): “Managers in the Command Economy: Case Studies from Poland, 1956–1970”

Dhiraj Kumar Nite (New Delhi): “Managing the Mines: An Enquiry into the Safety Rationale of the Management on the Indian Coalmines 1940–1960s”

11:00–13:00 Lunch

Panel 5: Management Knowledge in Transformation
Chair: Janoś Kovács (Vienna)

Paul Dragoș Aligică/Simona Preda (Bucarest): “Managerial Authority in Communist Industrialization. Work and Authority in the Economic System of Communist Romania”

Alina-Sandra Cucu (London): “Just-in-Time, Just-in-Place: Making Cars and Managerial Authority in Romania”

Natasha Simeunović Bajić (Niš): “The Manager as a Transitional Hero in Serbia:
Visual Narratives of Managers in Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Context”

15:00–15:30 Coffee break

Concluding commentary and final discussion
Verena Halsmayer (Lucerne)

17:00 End of Workshop

The workshop is based on papers circulated in advance.
The panel discussions will be structured as follows:
- Short presentation of the speakers
- 5-minute paper presentations
- Group discussion in breakout rooms
- Plenary discussion

To participate in the keynote lecture by Eglė Rindzevičiūtė, please sign up here:

To receive the pre-circulated papers and the link to participate in the panels, please register with Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen (

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