Master "Modern Global History" (Univ. Bremen)

Master "Modern Global History" (Univ. Bremen)

Universität Bremen, Jacobs University Bremen
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01.10.2011 -
Prof. Dr. Delia González de Reufels

The Modern Global History Program is a 2-year MA program designed for an international student body. It combines the expertise of historians from Universität Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen. Students are enrolled in both universities.

Students who are currently studying the M.A. program Modern Global History come from around the world to advance their studies in a unique international, multicultural and personally rewarding environment. The language of instruction is English. This is a tuition-free program.

What this program is about:

Have you ever asked yourself…When did globalization begin in Asia? How did migrants’ experiences in the 19th century differ from those of the 20th century? Why is Latin American history part of the history of the “West” and to what degree does it differ from it? How did the sciences influence colonialism? Did colonialism impact the sciences? What is the difference between global history and the history of globalization? Why did communism assume different features in different parts of the world?

Major themes of Modern Global History are "Values and Life-Worlds", "Conflict and Violence", "Knowledge and Communication". They are studied for the 19th and 20th centuries. While the nation state remains one of the program’s important analytical categories, the focus is on processes of intercultural contact and transnational exchange.

The program has particular strengths in the modern history of Africa, Asia (East and Southeast Asia), Latin America, North America and Western Europe, particularly Germany, as well as Eastern Europe/Russia.

Admission requirements:

- Proof of bachelor’s degree or equivalent
- A transcript of undergraduate courses and grades
- Two letters of recommendation from faculty
- Proof of proficiency in English
- An essay explaining your motivation to enter this program and
your research interests
- Examples of scholarly work if available
- A complete application form for graduate study


The first application deadline is February 1st, 2011.

Details about the program, admission requirements and the application form can be found at our website:

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