Comparativ 32 (2022), Vol. 1

Comparativ 32 (2022), Vol. 1
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Remunerating Labour in a Long-Term Perspective

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Comparativ. Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und Vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung
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Connections Redaktion, Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics, Universität Leipzig

Remunerating Labour in a Long-Term Perspective
Ed. by Andrea Caracausi and Corine Maitte

Table of contents

Editorial, pp. 7f.

Aufsätze | Articles
Andrea Caracausi / Corine Maitte
Remunerating Labour in a Long-Term Perspective: An Introduction, pp. 9-16.

François Rivière
Regulating Work, Wages, and Time in the Craft Institutions of Medieval
Normandy (Twelfth to Fourteenth Century), pp. 17-38.

Vittoria Bufanio
Builders’ Wages in Fourteenth-Century Piedmont: The Role of Labour Markets and Seigneurial Dependency, pp. 39-54.

Gabriele Marcon
Wages Unpacked. Remuneration, Negotiation, and Coercion in the
Medici Silver Mines, pp. 55-74.

Leonard N. Rosenband
From Practice to Memory: Bargaining and Remuneration in European
Papermaking, 1550–1850, pp. 75-94.

Mohamed Kasdi / Didier Terrier
The Determination of Workers’ Remuneration in a Cotton-Spinning Factory.
A (Re)Reading of the Payrolls of the Voortmann Spinning Mill in Ghent, 1850–1890, pp. 95-117.

Rezensionen | Reviews
Exhibition: L’Abîme. Nantes dans la traite atlantique et l’esclavage colonial
1707–1830 / The Abyss. Nantes’s role in the slave trade and colonial slavery 1707–1830. Château des Ducs de Bretagne / Musée d’Histoire, Nantes,16 October 2021–19 June 2022. Catalogue: Krystel Gualdé: L’Abîme. Nantes dans la traite atlantique et l’esclavage colonial 1707–1830, Nantes 2021
by Ulrike Schmieder, pp. 118-122.

Christine D. Beaule / John G. Douglass (eds.): The Global Spanish Empire.
Five Hundred Years of Place Making and Pluralism, Tucson 2020
by Fidel J. Tavárez, pp. 123f.

Karen Struve: Wildes Wissen in der Encyclopédie. Koloniale Alterität, Wissen und Narration in der französischen Aufklärung (= Romanische Literaturen der Welt, Bd. 79), Berlin/Boston 2020
by Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink, pp. 125-128.

Irene Fattacciu: Empire, Political Economy and the Diffusion of Chocolate
in the Atlantic World (Early Modern Iberian History in Global Contexts:
Connexions), London 2021
by Emma Robertson, pp. 129f.

Janet M. Hartley: The Volga. A History, New Haven, CT / London 2021
by Lutz Häfner, pp. 131-133.

Joachim von Puttkamer / Włodzimierz Borodziej / Stanislav Holubec (Hrsg.):
From Revolution to Uncertainty. The Year 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe,New York 2020
by Markus Wien, pp. 134-136.

John Siko / Jonah A. Victor: African Security. An Introduction, London 2020
by Ulf Engel, pp. 137-139.

Annotationen | Annotations
Brandon Mills: The World Colonization Made. The Racial Geography of Early American Empire, Philadelphia 2020
by Megan Maruschke, p. 140.

Stefan Haas / Michael C. Schneider / Nicolas Bilo (Hrsg.): Die Zählung der Welt. Kulturgeschichte der Statistik vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert, Stuttgart 2019
by Antje Dietze, p. 141.

Jeffrey D. Sachs: The Ages of Globalization. Geography, Technology, and
Institutions, New York 2020
by Geert Castryck, pp. 141f.

Autorinnen und Autoren | Authors
p. 143.