Postdoc "Continentalism, Geopolitics and the Idea of ‘Big-Space’ Political Formations in Comparative Historical Perspective" (Univ. Södertörn)

Mark Bassin

The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for a postdoctoral fellowship. The fellowship is part of a major 3-year research project “Continentalism and Geopolitics: the Idea of ’Big Space’. Political Formations in Comparative Historical Perspective.” The project is based at CBEES and sponsored by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. The Principal Investigator and Project Director is Professor Mark Bassin.

This project examines the history and current relevance of continentalist ideas and their influence on national and international policymaking. For centuries, the “default” political form of the nation-state has been challenged by the idea of a supra-national, large-scale political entity. Continentalism is one category of big space thinking, based on a geographical teleology of political unification within the borders of a “continent”. In some cases, this teleology underlies a comprehensive geopolitical ideology of continentalism, which historically has drawn on Grossraum or “big space” theories. Continentalism has been and is used by political elites in order to consolidate a geopolitical identity and policy, larger than the national one, to influence processes of state formation and international integration. It can also be associated with hegemonic-authoritarian tendencies, democratic projects, imperial expansionism or anti-colonial liberation movements.

The project is designed as a study in the history of political ideas, but we are also concerned with the contemporary expression and influence of these historical ideas. It is strongly interdisciplinary in focus and methodological approach, drawing on the fields of history, international relations, area studies, critical geopolitics, cultural studies, and others. In its present form, the project is organized around three case studies of continentalist projects: Europe, Eurasia, and Latin America.

The post-doctoral position will contribute a fourth case-study to our project, ideally developing both a historical and contemporary dimension. The proposed study should correspond to one of two research foci: 1) a case-study focused on continentalist projects in Asia, focused on a variety of countries such as China, Japan, or others; or 2) projects devoted to other world regions or more generally to other expressions of continentalism or big-space thinking, such as pan-ideas or civilizational discourses.

The postdoctoral position includes research and the development of research activity within the framework of the research group activity (80%). In addition to producing academic publications, the candidate will be expected to present research results regularly at project meetings and at workshops and conferences, both national and international. In addition to research, the fellowship also involves administrative duties relating to helping organize conferences and seminars, creating and maintaining networks, applying for research funding, and so on (20%).

Eligibility An applicant is considered to be eligible for the postdoctoral position if she or he has a doctoral degree, completed no more than three years before the application deadline. Applicants whose degree was completed earlier due to special circumstances such as sick leave, parental leave, clinical residencies, union commissions or similar reasons can also be considered eligible.

Basis for assessment Applicants for the postdoctoral positions will be assessed primarily based on their scholarly merits. Additionally, the following criteria will be considered:

- Quality of the research plan and its relevance to the ‘continentalism’ research project as described
- Excellent academic qualifications
- Strong expertise in language and area-studies as relevant to the proposed project
- Multidisciplinary orientation within the disciplines of: cultural studies, history, international relations, human geography, political science.
- Excellent cooperative and administrative skills
- Excellent competence in academic English, written and spoken.
- Position The postdoctoral positions is a two-year appointment, at an 100 % level, beginning on the 1st of September, or as agreed upon, and placed at Södertörn University in Flemingsberg. As a postdoc, you will work at CBEES.

The following documents should be included in the application:

- Research plan (5 pages)
- full academic CV
- List of publications
- Doctoral thesis

Deadline for the application: May 31, 2019

Further information Mark Bassin, professor, CBEES, Phone +46 (0)8 608 46 75

Per Bolin, Head of School, Phone +46 (0)8 608 40 53

Marianne Mosesson, Human Resource Officer, Phone +46 (0)8 608 40 70

The application should be written in English

You apply for this position by clicking on the Apply/Ansök button below. You find instructions for application above at “Appointment Procedure”/”Mall för ansökan”.

Observe that: – Publications referred to must be attached to the application. – An application that is not complete or arrives at Södertörn University after the closing date may be rejected. – On the website there is a template for applications that the applicant needs to follow.

Union representatives: SACO: Antonia Ribbing, tel: +46 70 602 87 61, ST: Karin Magnusson, tel: +46 8 608 41 75, SEKO: Henry Wölling tel: +46 8 524 840 80,

The current employment is valid on condition that the employment decision becomes valid. Södertörn University may apply CV review. Welcome with your application!

Contact (announcement)

Mark Bassin, professor, CBEES, Phone +46 (0)8 608 46 75

Per Bolin, Head of School, Phone +46 (0)8 608 40 53

Marianne Mosesson, Human Resource Officer, Phone +46 (0)8 608 40 70

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