27.11.2020 - 28.11.2020 Interdisciplinary Centre on Nuclear and Strategic Studies - CIENS, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS-Ulm) -- Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL)

All along the Cold War, European defence and security policies evolved in a complex ‘balance of unbalances’, often comparable to a “Calder mobile” (Trachtenberg 1999). Nuclear deterrence played a key role in the formation and evolution of this precarious balance, fuelling at least three sets of intertwined tensions.

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Rev. by Kai Roder, SFB 1199, Universität Leipzig

Die Weltwirtschaftskrise der Jahre 2007/8 befeuerte Investitionen in „reale Werte“, also Land und Rohstoffe. Damit gingen steigende Preise, etwa für Gold und Nahrungsmittel sowie Konflikte um Land einher, die oft in Vertreibung, Enteignung und Gewalt gipfelten. Schlagwörter wie Land Grabbing tauchten daraufhin bald in kritischen, öffentlichen Diskursen auf.

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New Global Studies 14:1 is now available.

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By Luboš Studený

As the Czech Republic commemorated the 30th anniversary of 1989, I have felt that the general debate has predominantly been very similar to the enthusiastic interpretation by the majority of the country during the 1990s and the first decade of the new millennium. And this view is only changing slowly.

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Conference Reports
29.01.2020 - 31.01.2020 Anna Fortunova and Stefan Keym, Leipzig University
By Rachel Hercygier and Anna Fortunova, Leipzig University

The history of music in the 20th century is characterized by the global transfer and exchange of artistic concepts, models and techniques. An important catalyst for these processes of cultural transfer was the phenomenon of emigration (often involuntary, such as by artists persecuted by totalitarian regimes).

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