Bonded Labor in the Cultural Contact Zone. Slavery and Its Discourses from Antiquity to the Present

Bonded Labor in the Cultural Contact Zone. Slavery and Its Discourses from Antiquity to the Present

Prof. Dr. Gesa Mackenthun Institut für Anglistik/Amerikanistik Graduiertenkolleg "Kulturkontakt und Wissenschaftsdiskurs" Universität Rostock
Universität Rostock
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18.09.2008 - 20.09.2008
Mackenthun, Gesa

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Dear Colleague,

anbei schicken wir Ihnen das Programm für das Symposium "Bonded Labor in the Cultural Contact Zone", das vom 18.-20. September in Rostock stattfindet und vom Graduiertenkolleg "Kulturkontakt und Wissenschaftsdiskurs" veranstaltet wird. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie unsere Veranstaltung besuchen könnten.

Enclosed we are sending you the program of the Symposium "Bonded Labor in the Cultural Contact Zone" which will be hosted in Rostock by the graduate school "Cultural Encounters and the Discourses of Scholarship" from September 18-20. We would be delighted if you could participate in the symposium.

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For further information please visit our website:


Thursday, September 18
(Hörsaal, Schwaansche Straße 3)

6 pm Opening remarks
Thomas Strothotte (President of Rostock University)
Gesa Mackenthun (American Studies, Rostock University)

Keynote Address
Simon Gikandi (Princeton University)
“The Power of Negativity: Slavery and the Identity of Europe“

8:30 pm Dinner at „Alter Fritz“, Warnowufer 65

Friday, September 19
(Internationales Begegnungszentrum, Bergstr. 7a)

I Forms of Bondage in Antiquity
Chair: Kristin Skottki

9 am Jennifer Glancy (University of Richmond)
“Embodying Slavery in Christian Late Antiquity“

9:40 am Yuval Yekutieli (University of Beer-Sheva)
“Archaeology of Labor Camps in the Southern Levantine Desert Zone, 2nd Millennium BC to 1st Millennium AD“

Opening comments: Julian Buchmann

General discussion

11 am Refreshments

II Human Bondage in Africa and the Mediterranean
Chair: Sünne Juterczenka

11:30 am Gerd Spittler (Bayreuth University)
“The Slave and his Work. Case Studies from Africa“

12:10 pm Robert Davis (Ohio State University)
“Plantation Slavery: The Unknown Form of Bondage on the Barbary Coast“

Opening comments: Christian Kothe

General Discussion

c. 1 pm Lunch

2:30 pm Musical Performance
Emancipation Serenade - Katharinenquartett meets Bob Marley’s Best Reggae Friends
Alexandre Delalande - 1. Violin Paul Lücke - Vocals
Kathrin Geisemeyer - 2. Violin Jan Soutschek - Bass
Moritz Fentner - Viola Paul Beu - Percussion
Florian Koeppe - Violoncello Jakob Prcemus -Drums

III Slavery and the Arts
Chair: Nicole Konopka

3 pm Marcus Wood (University of Sussex)
“Trauma, Art and Celebration: Slavery Memory and Public Art“

3:40 pm Thérèse Smith (University College Dublin)
“A Civilising Force or a Rallying Cry to Rebellion? Music and Bonded Labour“

Opening comments: Ronald Richardt

General discussion

4:30 pm Refreshments, followed by: Parellel discussion groups with PhD students

Parellel discussion groups with PhD students
1. PhD students introduce their own projects
2. Exchange on recent research on bonded labor, slavery and the slave trade
3. Current critical issues relating to the conference topic (e.g. public commemorations of the abolition of the slave trade)

6 pm Departure to Warnemünde by boat, Free evening


Saturday, September 20
(Internationales Begegnungszentrum, Bergstraße 7a)

IV Atlantic Slavery: The Case of Cuba
Chair: Claudine Mponge Esong

9:30 am Maria del Carmen Barcia Zequeira (Havana University)
“La diáspora africana: familias esclavas en Cuba, siglos XVI – XIX“ / The African Diaspora: Cuban Slave Families from the 16th to the 19th Century“

10:10 am Evelyn Jennings (Saint Lawrence University, NY)
“Chains of Imperial Labor: Shades of Slavery and Freedom in Mid-Nineteenth Century Cuba“

Opening comments: Menja Holtz

General discussion

11:15 am Refreshments

V Abolition: Changing Research Paradigms
Chair: Gabriele Richter

11:45 am Jochen Meissner (Leipzig University)
“The Paradox of Agency and Abolition“
Opening comments: Raphael Hörmann
General discussion

c. 1 pm Lunch

VI Slavery in a Different Guise: Human Bondage and (Post-) Modernity
Chair: Insoon Park

3:00 pm Cord Pagenstecher (Free University of Berlin)
“Slave and Forced Labour for Nazi Germany. Individual and Collective Memories“

3:40 pm Jan Breman (Amsterdam University)
“Practices of Neo-Bondage in the Capitalist Labour Market“
Opening comments: Andrea Zittlau

General discussion


5:30 pm Final Discussion (incl. information on publication)

7:30 pm Indian Buffet dinner at the Graduate School, Schröderplatz 3-4 (2nd floor)
Sabine Bröck (Bremen University)
Jürgen Kramer (Dortmund University)
Justine Tally (Universitiy of La Laguna)

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