International Summer School „Global and World History in France and in Francophone Africa“

International Summer School „Global and World History in France and in Francophone Africa“

Michel Espagne, Labex TransferS "Cultural Transfers, Translations, Interfaces"; Matthias Middell, Global and European Studies Institute, Universität Leipzig; funded by the French-German-University; supported by the German Historical Institute, Paris and the European Network in Universal and Global History
Institut Historique Allemand
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01.09.2014 - 10.09.2014
Keilbach, Martina

New research fields live from the interest of younger scholars and prosper not the least due to research from doctoral students entering the new intellectual terrain. That is also the case for global and world historical studies that have developed rapidly over the last years. While the Anglophone research trends are visible, partly even dominating, this is less the case for approaches and topics chosen at other places. In view of that the summer school seeks to give space to current works in a) France and Francophone Africa, b) based on French-speaking sources, and c) dealing with the outside relations and larger contexts of France in its different geographical scopes.
The overall aim of the summer school is to confront participants with a broad overview on current empirical research and theoretical and methodological approaches in the fast growing field of global history, especially dealing with encounters, circulations and conflicts.


Monday, 1 September

10am – 11am: opening
Thomas Maissen (DHI, Paris), Michel Espagne (ENS, Paris), Matthias Middell (GESI, Leipzig)

1pm – 5pm: presentations PhD-projects, chair: Matthias Middell (Leipzig)
Katharina Marlene Hey (München): Jüdische Identitätsentwürfe in Frankreich zwischen algerischer Unabhängigkeit und Sechs-Tage Krieg am Beispiel von André Neher
Gilad Ben-Nun (Leipzig): From the 1951 Refugee Convention to the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons: A view from the Israeli and British Archives and the Bodleian Library Sources
Felicitas Meyer (Duisburg/Essen): Der Pogrom von Constantine 1934: Von der persönlichen politischen Motivation zum institutionellen Rassismus

Tuesday, 2 September
10am – 12pm: Key notes
David Simo (Yahoundé) / Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn (Paris)

2pm – 6pm: presentations PhD-projects, chairs: Pascale Rabaut-Feuerhahn/ Katja Naumann (Leipzig)
Nicole Leopoldie (Arlington/Paris): The Franco-America Love Affair: Transnational Marriage and Cultural Infatuation in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Isabelle Rispler (Arlington/Paris): A Matter of Perspective?: American versus French Interpretations of German-speakers in the South Atlantic
Maximilian Georg (Leipzig): Les archéologues allemands et français en Egypte, 1898-1914: Leurs rapports mutuels et, dans une perspective comparative, leurs rapports respectifs avec la main-d’oeuvre indigène
Daniel Leon (Leipzig): From Paris to New York: the influence of French and American metropolitan urbanism in the evolution of Caracas

Wednesday, 3 September
10am – 1pm: key note: Ulf Engel (Leipzig)/Steffi Marung (Leipzig)
2pm – 6pm: presentations PhD-projects, chair: Steffi Marung
Fatima Bapumia (Leipzig): Defining and Re-defining Ethnic Markers in Tanzania
Ana Ribero (Leipzig): The making of Brazil-Mozambique development cooperation
John Ngoy Kalenga (Sapporo): Business History of the Copper Industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Katharina Döring (Leipzig): Converging International Organisations during peace operations in Africa

4 September – 7 September
ENIUGH Conference (ENS)

Monday, 8 September
1pm - 5pm: Archives Nationales – Site de Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

Tuesday, 9 September
10am – 1 pm: presentations PhD-projects, chair: n.n.
Kofi Takyi Asante (Paris/ Evanston): Colonial State Formation: a brief conceptual note
Sarah Stein (Kassel): Francophone West African Filmmaking in the 1960s and 1970s: How to conceptualize cultural relations in time of decolonization?
Karolina Hutkova (Warwick): Knowledge Transfer and the English East India Company´s Bengal Silk Enterprise, 1757-1812

2pm – 5pm Musée de Quai Branly

Wednesday, 10 September
10am – 12 pm: Concluding discussion, Michel Espagne (Paris)

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Dr. Martina Keilbach
Universität Leipzig
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D-04105 Leipzig
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