Eastern European Emigrants and the Internationalisation of 20th-Century Music Concepts

Eastern European Emigrants and the Internationalisation of 20th-Century Music Concepts

Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Universität Leipzig
Leipzig University, Institute of Musicology, Neumarkt 9-19, Staircase E, Lecture Hall 302
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29.01.2020 - 31.01.2020
Anna Fortunova, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Universität Leipzig

The history of music in the 20th Century is particularly characterized by the global transfer and exchange of artistic concepts, models and techniques. An important catalyst for these processes of cultural transfer was the phenomenon of emigration (often politically caused, involuntary emigration of artists persecuted by totalitarian regimes). The global spread of Arnold Schönberg’s compositional method of dodecaphony or of Heinrich Schenker’s new system of analysis were mainly a result of the emigration of these musicians and/or their disciples to the USA in the 1930s.
Many musicians and scholars from Eastern Europe also emigrated to other (mainly Western) countries, beginning with and even before the Russian October Revolution and again during and after Second World War. These émigrés also brought their artistic and cultural heritage to their temporary or long-term hosts. As a result, their music concepts interacted with local traditions and thus contributed to the internationalization and global melting of ideas and artistic concepts.
The aim of this conference is to reinvestigate the paths of Eastern European émigré composers and other artists and scholars by examining the productivity of their interactions with host cultures and the internationalization of artistic concepts and the rise of new global trends in music and the other arts.
The conference is bringing together seventeen musicologists and other researchers from seven countries in order to rethink the relationship between the emigration of artists and scientists from Eastern Europe and the globalization of ideas.


Wednesday, 29th January 2020
15.00-15.20h Anna Fortunova, PhD / Prof Stefan Keym, PhD: Conference Opening

15.20-16.00h Prof Christoph Flamm, PhD (Lübeck/Heidelberg): Emigration in 20th Century Music History
16.00-16.40h Prof Dörte Schmidt, PhD (Berlin): Emigration and the Transfer of Ideas in Music and Musicology


17.00-17.40h Prof Jernej Wess, PhD (Maribor): Czech Musicians in Slovenia between the two World Wars
17.40-18.20h PD Michael Esch, PhD (Leipzig): Styles, Significations and Contexts of ‘Popular’ Music during the Cold War
18.20-18.40h Final Discussion of the Session

Thursday, 30th January 2020
9.00-9.40h Prof Jascha Nemtsov, PhD (Weimar / Potsdam): „Focal Point of Musical World Culture“: Jewish-Russian Musicians in Berlin in the 1920s
9.40-10.20h Martha Stellmacher, PhD (Hannover): Intersections between the Eastern and Western European Jewish Cantorate


10.50-11.30h, Prof Rūta Stanevičūtė, PhD (Vilnius): From National to Cosmopolitan: Multiple Identities and Cultural Transfer in Lithuanian Migrant Music
11.30-12.10h, Jolanta Guzy-Pasiak, PhD (Warsaw): Polish Émigré Composers in America
12.10-12.30h Final Discussion of the Session


14.30-15.10h, Anna Fortunova, PhD (Leipzig): The Russian Art Magazine “Firebird” as a Medium of Intercultural Transfer in Early 1920s Germany
15.10-15.50h, Wendelin Bitzan, PhD (Düsseldorf): Decision, Hope, and Resignation. The Russian Composer Nikolai Medtner's Stay in Berlin, 1921–1924


16.20-17.00h Lidia Ader, PhD (St Petersburg): Microtonal Music Actors: Ivan Wyschnegradsky and his Circle
17.00-17.40h Olesya Bobrik, PhD (Moscow): Arthur Lourié and France
17.40-18.00h Final Discussion of the Session

Friday, 31th January 2020
9.00-9.40h Georgy Kovalevski, PhD (St Petersburg): Ivan Lapshinʼs correspondence with Russian Scientists and Musicians

9.40-10.20 Rima Poviliónienė, PhD (Vilnius): (E)migration of Ideas: Ways of Microtonal Composing in Lithuanian Music in the 70 and 80s


10.50-11.30h Márton Kerékfy, PhD (Budapest): Folklorism and Nostalgia in György Ligeti’s Later Music
11.30-12.10h Marina Lupishko, PhD (Le Havre): Igor Stravinsky and Russian Painters in the West

12.10-13.00h Final Discussion of the Session and of the Conference

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