Contemporary European History

Contemporary European History
Editors: Dr Ludivine Broch (University of Westminster, UK); Dr Celia Donert (University of Liverpool, UK); Dr Matthew Frank (University of Leeds, UK); Dr Jessica Reinisch (Birkbeck, University of London, UK)
Published: February, May, August and November
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Contemporary European History
United Kingdom

Contemporary European History is an important journal focusing on twentieth-century European history in its broadest sense. The journal encompasses Eastern and Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, and covers the period from 1918 to the present. By combining a wide geographical compass with a relatively short time span, the journal achieves both range and depth in its coverage. It is open to all forms of inquiry into 20th century Europe - including cultural, economic, international, political and social history - and welcomes comparative approaches. The journal regularly features contributions from scholars outside the Anglophone community and acts as a channel of communication between European historians throughout the continent and beyond it.

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