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Recent articles

CFP: Italy and the Post-Colonial World: Cooperation and Mobility between Decolonization and the Cold-War (1960-1989)
Società Italiana per lo Studio della Storia Contemporanea - SISSCO with the support of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy - ASMI
Palermo 19.11.2021 - 20.11.2021

CFP: Slavery and Other Forms of Strong Asymmetrical Dependencies in Ottoman South Eastern Europe
Research group "The Ottoman Europe" & Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies (IOA), University of Bonn
Bonn 23.06.2022 - 24.06.2022

CFA: Call for Submissions Global Histories: A student journal
Journal Global Histories
Berlin 01.11.2021

CFA: Edited volume: Space, Place, and Locus: Mapping the New Europe
Group of Early Research Academics, University College London
London 01.01.2022

CFA: Contributions for the edited volume: "Language of the Revolution. The discourse of anti-communist insurgencies in Central and Eastern Europe"
Elena Păcurar and Eugen Wohl, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Cluj-Napoca 31.01.2023

Konf: Debts, Credits and Power in the 1980s
Mauro Campus (University of Florence), Duccio Basosi (Ca’ Foscari University Venice), Massimiliano Trentin (University of Bologna), Benedetto Zaccaria (Ca’ Foscari University Venice); Francesco Saverio Leopardi (Ca’ Foscari University Venice)
Florence & Online 12.07.2021 - 13.07.2021

CFP: Postcolonial Post-Soviet: The USSR’s influence on cultural and literary production
Eleanor Rambo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Baltimore, Maryland 10.03.2022 - 13.03.2022

CFA: Contributions for the edited volume: "Narratives of Precarious Migrancy in the Global South"
Gigi Adair, Universität Bielefeld; Carly McLaughlin, Universität Potsdam
Bielefeld/Potsdam 01.02.2022

CFA: Special issue of the Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication: "Producing the Middle East"
Hatim El-Hibri, George Mason University; William Lafi Youmans, George Washington University
Virginia & Washington 01.01.2023

CFP: Cold War (A)Symmetries: Conflict, Cooperation and Trade
Elena Dragomir and Silviu Miloiu, University Valahia of Târgoviște
Târgoviște 28.10.2021 - 29.10.2021

CFP: Towards a Conjuctural Political Economy of Non-Alignment and Cultural Politics
Institute of Art History, Zagreb in collaboration with the NGO Drugo more from Rijeka
Zagreb / online 27.09.2021 - 29.09.2021

CFA: Contributions for the edited volume: "Imperialism and the Political Economy of Global South’s Debt"
Ndongo Samba Sylla (editor)
Bingley 15.03.2022

CFA: Call for submissions e-Journal Central-European Horizons: The Renaissance of the Idea of Central Europe during the 1970s and 1980s
e-Journal Central-European Horizons
Budapest 30.09.2021

CFP: 2022 Conference of the Forum on Early-Modern Empires and Global Interactions
Forum on Early-Modern Empires and Global Interactions (FEEGI)
Online 24.02.2022 - 26.02.2022

Konf: Labour Migration in the Cold War and beyond: new questions, methods and sources
Sara Bernard, University of Glasgow; Yannis Papadopoulos, University of Brasília; Rory Archer, University of Graz/University of Konstanz
Online via Zoom 28.06.2021 - 30.06.2021

CFP: National Museums: Narrating the Nation
National Museum of Ireland and National College of Art and Design, Dublin
Hybrid 29.10.2021 - 05.11.2021

Konf: Waterworlding. Kulturwissenschaftliche Zugänge zu multiplen Wassern
Prof. Dr. Ina Dietzsch, Sabine Eggmann, Cosima Wiemer, Janina Schwarz, Nicole Groothuis (Institut für Europäische Ethnologie/Kulturwissenschaft, Universität Marburg a.L./Deutschland)
Online 17.06.2021 - 19.06.2021

CFP: Performance and Populism: Mobilization and Popular Power on the Left
Goran Petrović Lotina, Théo Aiolfi (both University of Warwick), Angela Chazarra Marino and Rebecca Struch (both University of California, Berkeley)
Online 03.11.2021 - 05.11.2021

CFP: "Flowing Spaces": Rivers as Generators of Spatial Dynamics
Research network Fluid Spaces, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf 11.05.2022 - 13.05.2022

CFP: Narrating Cold Wars
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong 11.11.2021 - 12.11.2021