Ambiguos encounter: Turkey and Europe between Cultural Dialogue and Historical Prejudices

Ambiguos encounter: Turkey and Europe between Cultural Dialogue and Historical Prejudices

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24.05.2005 -
Eva Cescutti

The cultural dimension of Turkey’s potential membership in the European Union dominates the public debates on Turkey’s relation particularly to EU and in general to “Europe”. In these controversial debates, as well as in the scholarship on this topic, not only Turkish immigrants in Europe and their specific subcultures occupy a central place in imagining “Turkey” but also historically accumulated perceptions of Europe’s south-eastern rim and of “Asia” put weight on the dialogue between Europe and Turkey. Instead of discussing whether Turkey belongs to Europe or not, and whether its membership in the EU is feasible or not, the workshop shall analyze historical and contemporary stereotypes and prejudices which influence the symbolic encounters between Europe and Turkey.

Concept: Lutz Musner (IFK, Wien)



24th May 2005
9.30–12.30 Uhr
Chair: Ulrike Weckel (IFK_research fellow)

Hans Belting (IFK, Wien) and Lutz Musner (IFK, Wien)

Dan Diner (Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Simon-Dubnow-Institute for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University)
The Modernization of Turkey within a Broader Middle East Context

Norman Stone (Center for Russian Studies, Bilkent University, Ankara)
Geological Substrata of Civilization: Turkey and Mediterranean Europe

14.30–18 Uhr
Chair: Lutz Musner (IFK, Wien)

Almut Höfert (American University, Cairo/Historisches Seminar, Universität Basel)
The “Fall of Constantinople” and the Discourse of the Turkish Peril in Europe

Jeroen Doomernik (Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Images of Turkey in Europe

Ralph J. Poole (Department of English Language and Literature, Fatih University, Istanbul)
Proud Turks/New Turks: Towards the Hybridization of Male Honor in Turkish-European Cinema

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