Edited Book: Everyday Multiculturalism

Edited Book: Everyday Multiculturalism

Amanda Wise/ Selvaraj Velayutham Centre for Research on Social Inclusion Macquarie University Australia
Sydney, Australia
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01.01.2007 -
Selvaraj Velayutham

Edited Book: Everyday Multiculturalism
Amanda Wise & Selvaraj Velayutham (editors)

Following a successful conference on Everyday Multiculturalism organised by the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion at Macquarie University, Australia [http://www.crsi.mq.edu.au/news_and_events/everyday_multiculturalism.htm],
we have received expressions of interest from a number of publishers keen on publishing a collection on this topic. They have encouraged us to attract a good international spread of papers.

While research on multiculturalism and racism is well developed, qualitative research into everyday modes of lived multiculturalism, remains fairly limited. We invite papers that explore quotidian experiences of cultural difference and diversity. Quotidian diversity has been variously described as 'togetherness-in-difference' (Ang 2000), and 'inhabiting difference' (Hage 1998). We take the term to mean those perspectives on cultural diversity which recognize the embodied or inhabited nature of living with cultural difference.

We welcome expressions of interest from scholars doing grounded research on the topic of multiculturalism which explores the ways in which people experience and (dis)engage with cultural difference using case studies from around the world but which also make broader theoretical points relevant beyond the locality involved. Accessible theoretical papers which engage with the concept of the everyday are also welcome. We are interested in papers that explore the intersections and relationships between cultural groups, rather than research taking a single ethnic group as a focus. Papers can also examine:

- Interconnections between the everyday and larger discourses of multiculturalism and nation;

- Everyday affinities and solidarities

- Everyday disjunctures, discomforts, and racisms between cultures;

- Modes of living with and across difference in cities, suburbia or regional areas;

- Food, neighbouring, shopping, school, sport, etc. as sites for multicultural encounters and negotiations at the neighbourhood level;

- Multicultural place-sharing and battles over place identity and belonging.

Perspectives from any discipline are welcome, especially sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and human geography.

Please send a proposed title, a 500 word abstract and a short bio by 16 February 2007 to Banu Senay - banu.senay@scmp.mq.edu.au

Accepted contributions (5-7,000) words will have to be completed by 31 July 2007 with a view to publication in early 2008.

For all enquiries please contact - Dr Selvaraj Velayutham selvaraj.velayutham@mq.edu.au or Dr Amanda Wise amanda.wise@mq.edu.au


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