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Chris Armbruster

Call for a workshop to be held at LSE in early summer 2008. The workshop aims to generate a collection of papers for publication in an edited volume to mark the twentieth anniversary of 1989.

The ramifications of ‘1989’ are not limited to Europe. Of course, the collapse of the Soviet empire, the revolutions of 1989, and the dissolution of state socialism in Europe were important events in their own right. But their impact spread much further afield, generating a period of uncertainty and turbulence in world politics which is still being felt today.

In anticipation of the twentieth anniversary of 1989, we invite contributions to a workshop focusing on how to explain and interpret ‘the global 1989’.

In particular, we are interested in thinking through the ‘time’ and ‘space’ of 1989, looking at:

• The place of 1989 in world historical perspective: How significant is 1989? How does it compare to comparable landmark events, moments and processes? What are the principal global legacies of 1989?

• The impact of 1989 around the world, in terms of: a) invigorating debates about a range of global issues from the extension of US power to exploring new forms of interventionism, the changing role of the EU, the rise of China, the impact of global terrorism, and the emergence of culture as an important site of geopolitical conflict; and b) stimulating novel forms of inter-state and intra-state politics, including the extent to which regions have becoming fully fledged actors in their own right.


Proposed format
• Anticipated number of participants: 8-12
• Deadline for expressions of interest, including an abstract for a proposed contribution: 30 September 2007
• Draft version of 7-8,000 words ready for circulation among workshop participants: 30 March 2008
• Workshop at LSE: May/June 2008
• Deadline for revised submissions: 30 August 2008
• Publication: 2009

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Chris Armbruster

Research Network 1989, Breite Strasse 5, 14467 Potsdam
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