Transnational Professional Relations in the Twentieth Century

Transnational Professional Relations in the Twentieth Century

Ian Gwinn, University of Liverpool; Christoph Laucht, University of Leeds; Stephan Petzold, University of Leeds
Leeds Humanities Research Institute
United Kingdom
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20.06.2013 - 21.06.2013
Stephan Petzold

The analysis of transnational relations has been a promising and increasingly prominent field of study that examines interconnections between societies. In shifting the focus away from the arena of high politics, political elites and governments, the new approach has allowed researchers to look at cross-border exchanges of people and ideas from below. This new dimension of historical study has not only broadened the empirical terrain, it has also begun to initiate a profound reconceptualisation of national and international histories. So far, most of the work in transnational history has investigated intercultural transfers, non-governmental organisations and transnational networks.

This workshop aims to complement these existing strands in the study of transnationalism by examining the phenomenon of transnational professionalism. We approach transnational relations from the perspective of how professionals have transcended national boundaries. In particular, we are seeking to explore what impact individual professionals, professional groups and professionalism in general have had on transnational and international relations. The workshop brings together experts who study individual and collective actors from different professional backgrounds, for example businessmen, economists, academics and intellectuals, scientists, lawyers and artists. We also wish to contribute to a conceptualization of transnational professional relations and explore their analytical potential for a more complex understanding of transnationalism in the twentieth century.

We invite the submission of paper proposals from researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. This may include specialists in transnational and international history, social and cultural history, intellectual history, business and economic history, literary studies, film studies, as well as the history of science, technology and medicine, anthropology, postcolonial studies and cultural studies. Paper proposals should include an abstract of about 300 words, a short biography and contact details. Please send proposals by 1 March 2013 to the workshop organisers. We aim to offer support for travel and accommodation to invited speakers.


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Stephan Petzold
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