Networks of Media and Print in the Age of Imperialism

Networks of Media and Print in the Age of Imperialism

Tara Puri and Ashok Malhotra (Warwick University)
University of Warwick
United Kingdom
From - Until
23.04.2015 -
Malhotra, Ashok

This conference will examine the means by which imperial networks of print and media helped fashion individual and collective identities across national and proto-national boundaries in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Aiming to be a comparative conference, it will consider the ways in which media and publishing networks connected European and Japanese colonial powers to their respective colonies in Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas, forging and extending imperial ideologies. While reader demand, as well as the changing colonial power dynamic, played a part in determining representations of imperialism and the colonized ‘other’, the conference aims at exploring how such print technologies and networks were used conversely by colonized peoples in efforts to formulate national or transnational identities, as well as to imbibe, renegotiate or contest matrixes of imperial power. Additionally, it will address how media and print produced by various imperial powers and their colonized subjects transcended their specific regional contexts by interacting with and informing other imperialisms or colonized regions, and by extending to what were considered non-colonized and non-imperial power spaces.

Papers are welcome on the following topics:
- Visual representations of empire/imperialism
- Imperialist and anti-imperialist print culture
- Material aspects of colonial and anti-colonial literature (book design, illustration, publication, posters and advertising)
- Newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and ephemera
- Colonial editions; colonial libraries/imperial club libraries
- Imperial adaptations and appropriations
- Technologies of print in colonies
- Long-distance correspondence between authors, editors, agents, and publishers
- Post-colonialism and book history

Please send an abstract of up to 500 words and a brief biographical note (100 - 150 words) to: Tara Puri ( and/or Ashok Malhotra (


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