Book series: Critical Perspectives on Empire

Book series: Critical Perspectives on Empire

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The Cambridge University Press and the Editors are pleased to announce a new book series: Critical Perspectives on Empire. While acknowledging the explosion in the scholarship on empire in the last decade, the aim of this series is to look forward to future developments in the field. We aim to publish works that are innovative in approach and ambitious in scope, and that will contribute to the re-thinking of established categories of analysis and debate. Books currently under contract or consideration include: the global connections and cultural circuits of Renaissance encounters; the emergence of ‘whiteness’ as a transnational identity in the early 20th century; the culture of European intelligence-gathering in nineteenth century China and Southeast Asia; transnational anti-colonial mobilizations between the World Wars; and gender, governmentality and the colonial state in the long 18th century.

We invite consideration of book proposals on the history and legacies of early modern and modern empires, both land-based and transoceanic, from the Indian Ocean and Ottoman worlds to the Atlantic and Pacific; their cultural impacts, global contexts, and cross-imperial and comparative effects. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary modes of historical and critical practice that will push at the boundaries of the current scholarship, offering new directions and new approaches to the study of empires.

Please send manuscripts or proposals of 6-10 pages, including chapter titles, to:
Kathleen Wilson (early modern period) :
Catherine Hall (nineteenth century):
Mrinalini Sinha (twentieth century):

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