Journal of Global History 12 (2020), 1

Journal of Global History 12 (2020), 1
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Journal of Global History
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Journal of Global History, Room A288, London School of Economics and Political science, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE, UK

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Disentangling commodity histories: pauame and sassafras in the early modern global world, Clare Griffin, pp. 1–18.

Linking the Atlantic and Indian Oceans: Asian textiles, Spanish silver, global capital, and the financing of the Portuguese–Brazilian slave trade (c.1760–1808), J. Bohorquez, pp. 19–38.

Why don’t some cuisines travel? Charting palm oil’s journey from West African staple to Malayan chemical, Geoffrey Kevin Pakiam, pp. 39–60.

Transnationalism and insurrection: independence committees, anti-colonial networks, and Germany’s global war, Jennifer Jenkins, Heike Liebau, Larissa Schmid, pp. 61–79.

The Trading with the Enemy Acts in the age of expropriation, 1914–49, Nicholas Mulder, pp. 81–99.

The globalization of hybrid maize, 1921–70, Derek Byerlee, pp. 101–122.

Water powers: the Second World War and the mobilization of hydroelectricity in Canada, the United States, and Germany, Julie Cohn, Matthew Evenden, Marc Landry, pp. 123–147.

A benchmark for the environment: big science and ‘artificial’ geophysics in the global 1950s, Benjamin W. Goossen, pp. 149–168.

Decolonization, the Cold War, and Africans’ routes to higher education overseas, 1957–65, Eric Burton, pp. 169–191.


Global entanglements of a man who never traveled: a seventeenth-century Chinese Christian and his conflicted worlds, by Dominic Sachsenmaier, Frederik Vermote, pp. pp. 193–194.

Abraham’s luggage: a social life of things in the medieval Indian Ocean world, by Elizabeth A. Lambourn, Christopher D. Bahl, pp. 194–196.

The killing season: a history of the Indonesian massacres, 1965–1966, by Geoffrey B. Robinson, Roger L. Albin, pp. 196–199.


The global process of thinking global literature: from Marx’s Weltliteratur to Sarkozy’s littérature-monde† – ERRATUM, Jernej Habjan, p. 201

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