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Ab Imperio (2004), 2

Ab Imperio (2004), 2
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Memory repressed, silenced and lost

Russia and CIS: Dr. Ilya Gerasimov, Dr. Marina Mogilner, Kazan State University e-mails: office@abimperio.net, marina@abimperio.net USA and Canada: Dr. Serguei Glebov, Rutgers University e-mail: glebov@abimperio.net Western Europe: Dr. Alexander Kaplunovski, Giessen University e-mail: akaplunovski@abimperio.net Eastern Europe: Alexander Semyonov, Central European University e-mail: semyonov@abimperio.net Reviews and Bibliography Editor: Igor Martyniuk, Central European University e-mail: igor.martynyuk@abimperio.net
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Kazan', Russland 2004: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
124 € Jahresabo, 31 € Einzelhelheft



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Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
Postanschrift: P.O. Box 157, Kazan' 420015. Tel./Fax: 7-8432-644-018
Kaplunovski Alexander

Dear friends and colleagues,

Ab Imperio editors are pleased to repeat the announcement of the release of the second issue of the journal in 2004. Ab Imperio is a bilingual (English-Russian) quarterly dedicated to studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the post Soviet Space. The second issue of the journal focuses on the theme "Memory Repressed, Silenced, and Lost" which is conceived within the framework of the overall annual theme "The Archeology of Memory of Empire and Nation." This issue also features a separate forum dedicated to the discussion of Cossack history, identity, and history writing in the imperial, national and post soviet space.

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For any inquires, please, contact the editors at: office@abimperio.net (Russia & NIS),
akaplunovski@abimperio.net (Western Europe),
semyonov@abimperio.net (Central & Eastern Europe),
glebov@abimperio.net (USA & Canada),
igor.martynyuk@abimperio.net (Reviews)

Table of contents

Ab Imperio Issue 2/2004

(The language of publication is indicated in brackets)


From the Editors (RUS/ENG)

Boris Groys
The Role of Museum at the Time of the Nation-State Disintegration (RUS)

Alexander Etkind
Time to Compare Stones. Post-Revolutionary Culture of Political Sorrow in Contemporary Russia (RUS)

Serhy Yekelchyk
Ukrainian Historical Memory and the Soviet Commemorative Canon: Defining Ukrainian National Heritage under Stalin (RUS)

Antony Polonsky
Poles, Jews and the Problems of a Divided Memory (ENG)


Ekaterina Boltunova
The Russian Guards in the First Quarter of the 18th Century: “Antitraditionalists” or “Traditionalist Reformers” (RUS)

Elena Vishlenkova
A Lost Version of War and Peace: Symbolism of Alexander I’s Era (RUS)

Igor Narskii
The Construction of the Civil War Myth and the Peculiarities of the Collective Amnesia in the Urals, 1917-1922 (RUS)

Bert Hoppe
Fighting the Enemy’s Past: Königsberg/Kaliningrad as a Place of Memory in the Post-War USSR (RUS)

Sergei Digol
The 1949 Operation “South” in the Left-Bank Moldavia: A Forgotten Fragment of “Rehabilitated” Memory (RUS)

Alexander Osipian
Ethnic Cleansings and Memory Purges: The Ukrainian-Polish Borderland in 1937-1947 in Modern Politics and Historiography (RUS)

Volodymyr Kravchenko
Fighting the Shadow: the Soviet Past in the Historical Memory of Contemporary Ukrainian Society (RUS)

Elena Ivanova
Constructing the Collective Memory of Holocaust in Ukraine (RUS)

Jeff Mankoff
Babi Yar and the Struggle for Memory, 1944-2004 (ENG)


Lubov Kudriavtseva
Struggle for a “Place of Memory” in the Empire: a History of the Monument to the Founder of Vyborg, Tyrgils Knutsson (RUS)

Memory, Conflict, Monument: Publication of Documents (RUS)


Stefan Berger
Quo Vadis Germany? National Identity Debates after Reunification (ENG)

Maya Nadkarni, Olga Shevchenko
The Politics of Nostalgia: A Case for Comparative Analysis of Post-socialist Practices (ENG)


Sergei Markedonov
Cossacks: Unity or Diversity? (RUS)

Sergei Markedonov
The Fundamental Question of Cossack Studies: Russian Historiography in Search of the “Ancient” Cossackdom (RUS)

Serhii Plokhy
“Nationalization” of Ukrainian Cossackdom in the 17th-18th c. (RUS)

Ivan Basharov
Trans-Baikal Cossacks in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Historiography (RUS)

Brian J. Boeck
From the Verge of Extinction to Ethnic Distinction: Cossack Identity and Ethnicity in the Kuban’ Region, 1991-2002 (ENG)


J. Alexander Ogden
Siberia as Chronotope: Valentin Rasputin’s Creation of a Usable Past in Sibir’, Sibir’ …(ENG)


Yuehtsen J. Chung
(Eric Lohr, Nationalizing the Russian Empire: The Campaign against Enemy Aliens during World War I. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2003. 237 pp. ISBN: 0-674-01041-8). (ENG)

Ernest Gyidel
(A. IU. Bakhturina. Politika Possiiskoi imperii v Vostochnoi Galitsii v gody Pervoi mirovoi voiny. Moscow, AIRO-XX, 2000. 264 pp.). (ENG)

Mikhail Tyaglyi
(I.A.Altman. Zhertvy nenavisti: Kholokost v SSSR, 1941-1945. Moscow: Fond ‘Kovcheg’ 2002. 544 pp. ISBN: 5-89048-110-X). (RUS)

Kate Brown
(Sistema ispravitelno-trudovykh lagerei v SSSR, 1923-1960. Spravochnik. Ed. N.G.Okhtin, A.B.Roginskii. Moscow: Zveni’ia, 1998. 600 pp.). (RUS)

William R. Spiegelberger
(Organizatsiia iuridicheskikh konsultatsii dlia bezhentsev I vynuzhdennykh pereselentsev v gorodakh I regionakh Rossii. Materialy pervogo seminara. Pravozashchutnyi tsentr “Memorial.” Moscow: Zven’ia, 1997. 183 pp. ISBN: 5-7870-009-9, etc.) (ENG)

Nina Kolybashkina
(Norbert Götz, and Jörg Hackmann (Ed.). Civil Society in the Baltic Sea Region. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, 2003. xii, 274 pp. ISBN: 0-7546-3317-9). (RUS)

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