Ab Imperio (2003), 3

Ab Imperio (2003), 3
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Searching for the Center: Russian Nationalism

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Kazan', Russland 2003: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
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Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
Postanschrift: P.O. Box 157, Kazan' 420015. Tel./Fax: 7-8432-644-018
Glebov, Sergei

Dear colleagues,

Ab Imperio editors are pleased to announce the third issue of the journal in 2003. Within the annual theme dedicated to "Imperial Borders and Liminalities", this issue explores the problem of Russian nationalism in the Russian empire.
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Table of contents


From the Editors How Many Centers Does Russian Nationalism Have?

Methodology and Theory

Aleksandr Presniakov The Place of "Kievan Period" in a General Scheme of "Russian History"

Raymond Pearson Privileges, Rights, and Russification

Interview with Benedict Anderson "We Study Empires as We Do Dinosaurs:" Nations, Nationalism, and Empire in a Critical Perspective History

Virtual Roundtable Borders and Facets of Russian Nationalism
Mikhail Dolbilov (Russia)
Andreas Kappeler (Austria)
Daniel Rancour-Laferriere (US)
David G. Rowley (US)
Andreas Umland (Germany)
Vera Tolz (UK)

Paul Bushkovitch Orthodox Church and Russian National Consciousness in the 16th - 17th Centuries

Alexander M. Martin The Invention of "Russianness" in the Late 18th - Early 19th Century

Anatoly Remnev To Push Russia into Siberia: Empire and Russian Colonization in the Second Half of the 19th - Early 20th Century

Marina Loskutova Where Does Motherland Begin? Teaching Geography in Russian Pre-Revolutionary School and Regional Identity in the Late 19th - Early 20th Century

Sergei Podbolotov Nicholas II as Russian Nationalist


Marina Mogilner "Encyclopaedia of Russian Nationalist Project:" Foreword to the Publication

Ivan Sikorskii What is Nation and other Forms of People's Life?

Sociology, Ethnology, Political Science

Andreas Umland The Formation of a Fascist "Neo-Eurasian" Intellectual Movement in Russia: Alexander Dugin's Path from a Marginal Extremist to an Ideologue of the Post-Soviet Academic and Political Elite, 1989-2001

Emil Pain Activization of the Ethnic Majority in Post-Soviet Russia: the Resources of Russian Nationalism

ABC: Empire & Nationalism Studies

From the Editors

Diliara Usmanova Making a National History: Tatar Historiographic and Political Debates at the Turn of the Century

Sebastian Cwiklinski Tatarism vs. Bulgharism: "The First Debate" in the Tatar Historiography

Aleksei Miller Russian Empire, Orientalism, and Processes of Nation-Building in the Volga Region

Wim van Meurs Tatar Textbooks - The Next Matrioshka

The Newest Mythologies

Ilya Gerasimov "A Binge of Three Princes in a Green Courtyard," or the Birth of a "Liberal Empire"

Book Reviews

V. G. Shchukin. Russkoe zapadnichestvo. Genezis - sushchnost' - istoricheskaia rol'. Lodz. Ibidem, 2001.
Olga Malinova.

Stephen Kotkin and David Wolff (Eds.), Rediscovering Russia in Asia: Siberia and the Russian Far East (Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1995),
Igor Martyniuk.

Etnicheskii natsionalizm i gosudarstvennoe stroitel'stvo. Moskva. Institut Vostokovedenia RAN. Natalis, 2001.
Dovile Budrite

Robert P. Geraci and Michael Khodarkovsky (Eds.), Of Religion and Empire: Missions, Conversion, and Tolerance in Tsarist Russia (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2001).
Aleksandr Polunov

A. S. Myl'nikov. Narody Tsentral'noi Evropy: formirovanie natsional'nogo samosoznania, XVII - XIX vv. SPb. Petropolis, 1997.
Andriy Zayarnyuk

Peter Holquist, Making War, Forging Revolution: Russia's Continuum of Crisis, 1914 1921 (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002)
Stephen Velychenko

Gendernye istorii Vostochnoi Evropy / pod red. E. Gapovoi, A. Usmanovoi, A. Peto. Minsk. EGU, 2002.
Irina Tartakovskaia.

Enn Kung, Helina Tamman (Hrs.). Festschirift fur Vello Helk zum 75. Geburtstag. Beitrage zur Verwaltungs-, Kirchen- und Bildungsgescgichte des Ostseeraumes. Tartu: Esti Ajalooarhiiv, 1998.
Petr Krupnikov

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