Ab Imperio (2004), 4

Ab Imperio (2004), 4
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Reconciliation through the Past: Pan-European Perspective

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Bern 2004: Peter Lang/Bern
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Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
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Kaplunovski, Alexander

Dear colleagues,

Ab Imperio editors would like to draw your attention to the fourth issue of AI in 2004.

Please, visit AI website at http://abimperio.net for detailed
information on the journal, including editorial contacts and the journal's annual program.

With best reagrds,

Ab Imperio editors

Table of contents

Ab Imperio 4/2004 "Reconciliation through the Past: Pan-European Perspective"


Editors: Memories at Peace or in Pieces? Reconciliation with and through
the Past (Rus/Eng) Pp. 13-20

Norbert Frei: Past Overcome? The Third Reich in Contemporary German Consciousness (RUS), Pp. 21-40

Stefan Troebst: "What Sort of a Carpet?" The Culture of Memory in Post-Communist Societies of Eastern Europe. An Attempt at General Description and Categorization (RUS), Pp. 41-78

Interview with Jan Gross: Memory and History: "The Neighbors?" (ENG), Pp. 79-86

Ronald Grigor Suny Dialogue on Genocide: Efforts by Armenian and Turkish Scholars to Understand the Deportations and Massacres of Armenians During World War I (ENG), Pp. 79-86


Agnieszka Jagodzinska: Between Two Worlds: Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw as a Text of Culture (1850-1900) (ENG), Pp. 133-154

Jurgita Siauciunaite-Verbickiene: Our Common Culture: "The
Learnt Memory" of Lithuanian Jerusalem (ENG), Pp. 155-166

Anna Lipphardt: Post-Holocaust Reconstruction of Vilno, "The Most Yiddish City in the World", in New York, Israel, and Vilnius (ENG), Pp. 167-192

Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern: "The Dead Jews:" A Reflection On Useable Past (ENG), Pp. 193-206

Sener Akturk: Counter-Hegemonic Visions and Reconciliation Through the Past: The Case of Turkish Eurasianism (ENG), Pp. 207-238

Pavel Varnavskii: Soviet People: The Making of a Common Identity in the USSR as the Creation of Common Memory (the Case of Buriat ASSR) (RUS), Pp. 239-262

Elza-Bair Guchinova: The Nation and the Discourse of Guilt: Reconciliation With the Past in the Kalmyk Politics of Memory (RUS), Pp. 263-288

Olga Brednikova: Historical Text Ad Marginem, or the Divided Memory of Divided Towns? (RUS), Pp. 289-312

Ene Koresaar: The Notion of Rupture in Estonian Narrative Memory: On the Construction of Meaning in Autobiographical Texts on the Stalinist Experience (ENG), Pp. 313-339


Ilya Gerasimov: "Remembering the Future." Constitutional Project of Andrei Sakharov and the Problem of "System Memory:" Between "Convergence" and the "Zero Option" (RUS), Pp. 341-350

Document Materials for A. D. Sakharov’s Constitutional Project:
June-November, 1989 (RUS/ENG), Pp. 351-372

Forum AI Remembering A. D. Sakharov’s Constitutional Project 15 years Later (Lowry Wyman, Joshua Rubenstein, Dietrich Beyrau, Joanna Regulska, Kimitaka Matsuzato, Gasan Gusejnov, Artem Magun) (ENG/RUS), Pp. 373-411


AI Discussion on Historical Memory in Perestroika

Evgenii Anisimov: From Pikul’ to "Round Table" (RUS), Pp. 413-418

Melissa F. Gayan: Gorbachev’s Reforms and the Beginning of a New History in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (ENG), Pp. 419-432

Kathleen E. Smith: Whither Anti-Stalinism? (ENG), Pp. 433-448

Harley Balzer: An Acceptable Past: Memory in the Russian Extrication from Communism (ENG), Pp. 449-468

Alexander Kustarev: Practices of Dealing with the Past in the
Post-Perestroika Russia: Narrative and Invocation (RUS), Pp. 469-483


AI Forum on Historical Memory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Alexander Filiushkin: "One Land, Different Memories:" The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Historical Memories of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Russia (RUS), Pp. 485-490

Interview with Hieronim Grala: "Non-Empire:" The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Polish Historical Memory (RUS), Pp. 491-506

Darius Vilimas: The Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Stereotypes of Historical Memory in Lithuania (RUS), Pp. 507-522

Giedre Mickunaite: Empire as Nostalgia or a la recherche des
terres perdues (ENG), Pp. 523-528

Dmitrii Vyrskii: The Grand Duchy of Lithuania as Historical Experience: The Case of Ukraine (RUS), Pp. 529-538

Igor Marzaliuk: The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Historical Memory of Byelorussians – Rusins: from the Middle Ages to Modernity (RUS), Pp. 559-560.

Alexander Filiushkin: Looking into the Broken Mirror Splinters: The Russian Discourse on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (RUS), Pp. 561-602


Serguei Oushakine: Replacing Loss: Materialization of Memory and the Hermeneutics of Pain in Provincial Russia (RUS), Pp. 603-639


Stephen Velychenko: Ukrainians Rethink Their Revolutions (ENG), Pp. 640-656


Lilia Berezhnaia: A. Kappeler, Z. E. Kohut, F. E. Sysyn, and M. Von Hagen (Eds.), Culture, Nation, and Identity. The Ukrainian-Russian Encounter (1600-1945) (Edmonton, Toronto: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 2003). 381 pp. ISBN: 1-895571-47-2.

Emilian Kavalski: Roman Szporluk, Russia, Ukraine, and the Breakup of the Soviet Union (Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 2000). xlix+438 pp. ISBN: 0-8179-9542-0.

Sergei Kiselev: D. N. Zamiatin, Vlast’ prostranstva I prostranstvo vlasti: geograficheskie obrazy v politike I mezhdunarodnykh otnosheniiakh. Moskva, ROSSPEN, 2004. 352 str. ISBN: 5-8243-0300-2.

Ernest Gyidel: Jan T. Gross, Revolution from Abroad. The Soviet Conquest of Poland’s Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia (Princeton; London: Princeton University Press, 2002). Expanded edition, with a new preface by the author. xxiv+396 pp. ISBN: 0-691-09603-1.

Aleksandr Lavrov: Mykhailo Hrusevsky, Hystory of Ukraine-Rus’. From Prehistory to the Eleventh Century (Volume 1); The Cossack Age to 1625 (Volume 7); The Cossack Age, 1626-1650 (Volume 8). (Edmonton and Toronto: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 1997-2002).

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