Ab Imperio (2008), 4

Ab Imperio (2008), 4
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Nature and Nurture: Ecology of Imperial Gardens

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Kazan', Russland 2008: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
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Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
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Alexander Kaplunovski

Dear friends and colleagues,

"Ab Imperio" editors are pleased to announce the release of the fourth issue of the journal in 2008. "Ab Imperio" is a bilingual (English Russian) international scholarly journal dedicated to the study of empire and nationalism in the post Soviet space. The fourth issue of the journal is devoted to the exploration of "Nature and Nurture: Ecology of Imperial Gardens". The language of each publication (Russian or English) is indicated by a letter in brackets.

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AI 4/2008 "Nature and Nurture: Ecology of Imperial Gardens"


Table of contents


From the Editors Environmental History as Middle Ground (R&E)

Douglas R. Weiner Foreword to the 2009 Re-Publication of “A Death-Defying Attempt” (E)

Douglas R. Weiner A Death-Defying Attempt to Articulate a Coherent Definition of Environmental History (E)


Jan Kusber Mastering the Imperial Space: The Case of Siberia. Theoretical Approaches and Recent Directions of Research (E)

Victor Taki Between Politzeistaat and Cordon Sanitaire: Epidemics and Police Reform during the Russian Occupation of Moldavia and Wallachia, 1828-1834 (E)

Anna Afanasyeva “To Liberate… from Shaitans and Charlatans:” Discourses and Practices of Russian Medicine in the Kazakh Steppe in the Nineteenth Century (R)

Alla Sal’nikova Here Will Be a Garden-City! Cultivating the Soviet Provincial Urban Space in the 1920–1930s (R)

Julia Obertreis The “Dead” and “Cultured” Lands: Scientists’ Discourses and Imperial Policy in Central Asia, 1880s to 1991 (R)


Forum AI
Islam in the Imperial Archives

Sean Pollock Historians and Their Sources: Discourses of Russian Empire and Islam in Eurasian Archives (E)


Dmitry Arapov Islam in the Archival Collections of the Governmental Agencies of the Russian Empire, 1721–1917 (R)

George Sanikidze Orthodoxy versus Islam: Imperial Russian and Early Soviet Policy Toward Georgia’s Muslims (E)

James H. Meyer For the Russianist in Istanbul and the Ottomanist in Russia: A Guide to the Archives of Eurasia (E)


Adeeb Khalid Searching for Muslim Voices in Post-Soviet Archives (E)

Vladimir Bobrovnikov Russian Muslims after the Archival Revolution: A View from the Caucasus and Bulgaria (R)


Tatyana Safonova National Parks in Russia and Europe: Comparing Self-Regulating Systems (R)


Forum AI
Universe of Imperial Edges:
Discussing the Perspective from “Borderlands of the Russian Empire” (Moscow: New Literary Review, 2006–2008)

Zapadnye okrainy Rossijskoij imperii / Pod red. M. D. Dolbilova i A. I. Millera. Moscow: “NLO”, 2006. 608 S. ISBN: 978-5-86793-553-5.

Alexei Miller On the Book Series “The Borderlands of the Russian Empire” and Comments by Ted Weeks and Alexander Smolenchuk (R)

Theodore Weeks The Challenges of Writing a Multi-national History of the Russian Empire (E)

Alexander Smolenchuk A Farewell to the Imperial Narrative? (R)

Mikhail Dolbilov “The Western Borderlands of the Russian Empire” and the Problem of Comparative Study of Borderlands (R)

Sibir v sostave Rossijskoj imperii / Pod red. L. M. Damesheka i A. V. Remneva. Moscow: “NLO”, 2007. 370 S. ISBN: 978-5-86793-510-8.

Ivan Sokolovskii A Landmark in the Studies of Siberia within the Russian Empire (R)

Andrew A. Gentes An Excellent Introduction to the History of Siberia during the Imperial Period (E)

Sergei Glebov On the Territory of Power and the Power of Territory: Marginalia on “Siberia within the Russian Empire” (R)

Anatoly Remnev Afterword: Some Necessary Commentaries, or Nobody Can Embrace the Immense (R)

Centralnaja Asija v sostave Rossijskoj imperii / Pod red. S. N. Abashina, D. Ju. Arapova i N. Ju. Bekmakhanovoj. Moscow: “NLO”, 2008. 464 S. ISBN: 978-5-86793-571-9.

Gulmira Dzhunushalieva “Central Asia within the Russian Empire”: A View from Kyrgyzstan (R)

Sergei Abashin Thoughts about “Central Asia within the Russian Empire” (R)

Severnyj Kavkaz v sostave Rossijskoj imperii / Pod red. V. O. Bobrovnikova i I. L. Babich. Moscow: “NLO”, 2007. 460 S. ISBN: 978-5-86793-529-0.

Michael Kemper How to Take the Muslim Peripheries Seriously in the Writing of Imperial History? (E)

Vladimir Lapin On the Textbook “The North Caucasus within the Russian Empire” (R)

Vladimir Bobrovnikov What Happened to “North Caucasus within the Russian Empire”: Editor’s Afterword Several Years Later (R)


Harriet Murav Real Men and Phantom Stories: Violence and Prosthesis in Soviet War Literature (E)


Sergei Abashin. Nacionalismy v Srednej Asii: V poiskakh identichnosti. St. Petersburg: “Alteja”, 2007. 304 S., ill. ISBN: 978-590-335-428-3.
Marianne Kamp (E)


Edward Kasinec and Janis A. Kreslins, Sr. Little-Known Images of Folk Costumes and Types of the Peoples of Russia in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (E)

Anna Afanasyeva “Crossing Colonial Historiographies: Histories of Colonial and Indigenous Medicines in Transnational Perspective”: Conference Report (R)

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Ab Imperio – 2009 (R&E)

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